Jeweled Apple Pendant: Tips to Pick the Perfect One

Jeweled Apple Pendants

A jeweled apple pendant can make a pretty piece of jewelry that can suit both contemporary and traditional styles.

Apples are often used as inspiration for jewelry. The distinctive shape of an apple is perfect for jewelry as the shape is often reminiscent of a heart. This makes it an interesting alternative for someone looking for a pendant or other item of jewelry that is a little different.

Apples also have a long and interesting history and are found in many ancient myths and fables. An apple was also believed to have been the forbidden fruit referred to in the Christian religion and mentioned in the Old Testament. This gives apples an additional symbolism and significance.

Apple Jewelry

Apple jewelry is available in many shapes and styles. This includes apple earrings, rings and pendants. Apple pendants are a particularly popular choice as the pendants look great when hung from chains or from leather thong for a contemporary feel. Apple jewelry is made from many materials including precious metals, gemstones or manmade materials such as acrylic or plastic. Precious metals are often embedded with gemstones or jewels. This jeweled apple jewelry catches the light and makes an interesting an effective alternative to plain metal styles.

A jeweled apple pendant is a particularly popular form of apple jewelry. The jewels shine and sparkle as the pendant moves. This unusual combination is perfect for the person who is looking for jewelry with flair and that is both attractive and fun to wear.

Buying a Jeweled Apple Pendant

People who are looking to buy a jeweled apple pendant need to consider the best design for their style. People who enjoy high fashion jewelry, for instance, need to seek out pieces of jewelry and pendants that complement this style, whereas people who prefer traditional jewelry should look for more conventional styling.

Here are some tips to help you make the perfect choice:

  • Material - the material that an apple pendant is created from helps to create the finished effect as well as determine budget. A fun and funky look can be achieved from an acrylic or plastic apple pendant that is studded with rhinestones or other fake jewels. A solid gold apple pendant that is encrusted with real diamonds will have a classic look, however it will also be a costly investment. Deciding which material the pendant is made from is an important part of the decision process.
  • Jewels - a jeweled pendant may be fully encrusted in jewels or simply have a few jewels embedded to add a highlight to the shape. The choice will depend on the look that the wearer is hoping to achieve. Very heavily adorned pendants will be full of bling, whereas a more subtle look will be achieved with fewer jewels.
  • Style - an apple pendant can be styled in many ways. It can be a realistic copy of an apple or a highly stylized version. Stylized apple pendants can be fun to wear and make great fashion accessories.

Looking After an Apple Pendant

An apple pendant will need looking after to keep it in great condition. This includes:

  • Cleaning - a pendant needs regular cleaning. This is particularly true of a jeweled pendant. If jewels become dirty or dusty they will lose their sparkle and the jewelery will become dull.
  • Check for wear and tear - pendants can be susceptible to damage. The jump-ring that holds the pendant to the chain or the catch can become damaged and this might result in the pendant getting lost. A regular check will ensure that any damage or wear is quickly identified.
  • Storage - storing jewelry in a proper jewelry organizer is a useful way to keep jewelry safe and clean. This also helps to stop the chain from getting twisted or caught with other items. Keeping jewelry well stored is a useful way to keep it in good condition.

A jeweled piece of jewelry such as an apple pendant can make a lovely item to wear for many different occasions. This will be a talking point that could later become a special family heirloom.

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Jeweled Apple Pendant: Tips to Pick the Perfect One