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Jelly bracelets

Jelly charm bracelets bring together several jewelry trends to create something totally new. Find out what they're all about.

Jellies Then and Now


For anyone who can't remember that far back, Jelly bracelets made their debut in the 1980's. During that era, these bracelets were spaghetti-thin rubber bangles that came in a rainbow of colors.Rather than a single Jelly, people wore these bracelets five, ten, even twenty at a time, and it became posh to collect them in every color.

Eventually, although no one is sure just how it began, individual colors were assigned specific meanings, mostly related to romance and sex. From that point on, anyone wearing a particular color was believed to be advertising a personal message about themselves.


Although the old style Jellies are making a comeback, a different style of Jelly has been in the limelight in recent years.

Cyclist Lance Armstrong is credited with starting the next craze over Jelly Bands. These bracelets are a thicker, flatter version of the original Jellies, and each one is stamped with an inspirational message.

The fad over these bracelets has started to wane, but it appears we aren't quite finished with Jellies yet. Meet the next wave: Jelly charm bracelets. Unlike their predecessors, these Jellies are not closed bands. They are open ended, and fasten on your wrist with a slide through buckle. If you haven't seen one yet, picture a dog flea collar and you have the general idea.

Colors still feature prominently with this next wave of Jellies, but this time around you get to add toys to your bracelet. Just like Italian charm bracelets, you can purchase individual charms to accessorize your bands. Each charm simply slides onto the bracelet. You can change them, or add as many as your bands will hold.

Shop for Jelly Charm Bracelets


Online jewelry store Italian Bracelet Charms carries a nice selection of Jellies and charms. Begin by choosing a band in your favorite color. Then add your favorite charms.

Choices include:

  • Alphabet Sliders: Spell your name, or wear your sweetheart's initials; it's all up to you. You're only limited by the amount of charms you can fit on your bracelet. Then again, you can always add another bracelet.
  • Flowerettes: These distinctly feminine charms come in a bevy of flower types and colors. Each blossom has a crystal center.
  • Butterflies: If you like the flower charms, why not add a matching butterfly to your charm set? These playful charms also have crystal accents on the body.
  • Miscellaneous Dangling Crystal Charms: Choose from many fine charms, including dogs, hearts, religious symbols and so much more.


Anyone who prefers the original style Jelly bracelets of the 80's will probably like these modified charm versions. They combine the slender string style Jelly with sterling silver and crystal accents. The look is extremely feminine.

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