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A Jeff Hardy necklace is a must-have accessory for the serious World Wrestling Entertainment fan. Professional wrestler Jeff Hardy's trademark logo necklace is available for male and female fans who wish to express their appreciation for one of the Hardy Boyz.

About Jeff Hardy

Champion wrestler Jeff Hardy has impressed fans with his wrestling career and signature look.

Jeff Hardy

Jeff Nero Hardy is a professional wrestler who is active in the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE). He is most famous for his work with the WWE, where he is a four-time world heavyweight champion.

Jeff is known by several nicknames in the WWE world - aka The Charismatic Enigma and the Rainbow-Haired Warrior and The Legend Seeker.

When Jeff first entered the WWE, he worked with his brother, Matt, as a team. The two are known as the Hardy Boyz and had performed together for the Organization of Modern Extreme Grappling Arts. Later, the Hardy brothers became tag team wrestlers known as Team Xtreme. They are most famous for a three year feud with the other tag team wrestlers, Dudley Boyz, Christian and Edge. The Hardy Boyz fought with ladders, the Dudleys used table while Christian and Edge preferred chairs in the wrestling ring.

Jeff has won many tag team and single competition wrestling titles. Recently he was crowned WWE World Heavyweight Champion in July 2009.

To find out more about Jeff Hardy and the Hardy Boyz, visit the official Hardy Show site or the fan site, WWE Jeff Hardy. The official Hardy Show site requires fans to join in order to have access to a unique Internet show about Jeff and Matt Hardy. Members pay $4.99 a month to have access to the Hardy Show episodes and other special features that are not open to the general public.

Jeff Hardy Fashion

Jeff Hardy is known for wearing a signature look - long hair, painted nails, two pierced ears, tattoos, a muscle shirt, a distinctive necklace, wide-leg Tripp pants with a belt, long armbands with decorative holes and a hoodie. He often dyes sections of his hair dyed various colors, which are sometimes braided. His style is a mixture of biker and punk.

Jeff generally wears his hair relatively long but he cut his hair short for a movie role in 2009. The new hair cut is a choppy with many multicolored highlights that live up to his Rainbow-haired Warrior name.

Many fans try to replicate Hardy's look. There are a number of articles online with advice on how to dress like Jeff Hardy. Due to Jeff's popularity, the WWE released official fan merchandise with the famous necklace and armbands.

Jeff Hardy Fan Merchandise

Fans can find a variety of merchandise in the Jeff Hardy theme from the WWE official site and from fans. The merchandise includes:

  • Jeff Hardy necklaces
  • Hardy armbands with decorative holes in several colors
  • Graphic T-shirts
  • Hats
  • A DVD about Jeff Hardy called, "My Life, My Rules"

Fan merchandise is generally sold on auction sites like Ebay and on wrestling fan sites.

The Jeff Hardy Necklace

Many people wonder about the meaning behind Jeff Hardy's pendant. At first glance, it is not immediately apparent. The pendant is an artistically shaped H with one side forming a number 3 and a sword pierced through the middle. The number 3 stands for Jeff, Matt and their father. Jeff's brother, Matt, also wears an H pendant. Jeff often wears a purple, green or silver version of the necklace.

The popular necklace is in demand. The WWE website sells an official replica of the Hardy necklace. A number of fans also make various versions of the Hardy necklace and sell them online.

Online Sources for Hardy Necklaces

Fans may have trouble locating a Hardy necklace locally. However, the Internet has a number of sources for Hardy pendants. The following online retailers sell Hardy necklaces and pendants:

  • WWE Shop: The WWE Shop has official Jeff Hardy merchandise such as necklaces, trademark arm bands, hats, T-shirts and his "My Rules" DVD. The site also has Jeff Hardy gift sets. This is the only place to find WWE guaranteed authentic Jeff Hardy pendants.
  • Extreme Wrestling Shirts: The Extreme Wrestling Shirts (EWS) sells Jeff Hardy pendants in silver or in the colors, purple or green colors.
  • Ebay: Ebay is one of the best places to find Hardy necklaces. Many Ebay sellers sell the official WWE necklace for less than the WWE shop and various artistic versions of the Hardy pendant.
  • Amazon: Amazon often sells versions of the Hardy necklace.

Jeff Hardy fans will enjoy owning a replica of his signature necklace. The necklace will also interest Matt Hardy fans who know the special significance of the Hardy H. This is one of those fan memorabilia items that will interest wrestling male and female fans of all age due to the popularity of the Hardy Boyz.

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Jeff Hardy Necklace for Die-Hard WWE Fans