Interlocking Necklace Set Types & Where to Buy

Interlocking heart necklace

When you are looking for a special necklace, an interlocking necklace set might be just the answer.

What Is an Interlocking Necklace Set?

An interlocking necklace set is the term that is generally used to describe necklaces or pendants with interlocking components. There are many different ways that a necklace may interlock, including interlocking rings, beads or interlocking pendants. This unique feature brings an added interest to the jewelry and makes it that little bit extra special to wear. This means that interlocking necklaces are ideal for many different occasions, such as weddings, parties or proms, as well as every day wear.

Interlocking Hearts

One particularly popular style of interlocking necklace is one that is made with interlocking hearts. This romantic style has a timeless elegance and makes a wonderful gift on Valentine's day, for a wedding or simply to say 'I love you'. The beautiful interlocking twists of two hearts, however, needn't be confined to lovers - this is also a lovely way to celebrate the family and many pieces of family jewelry feature hearts. Special necklaces to celebrate the unique bond between a mother and daughter are wonderful when represented by two hearts that link together. These mother necklaces can be decorated with birthstones or other gemstones. The sparkle of the stones adds a depth and dimension to the interlocking elements of the necklace.

Types of Interlocking Necklaces and Jewelry Sets

Interlocking ring pendant
Interlocking ring pendants on

There are many different types of interlocking necklace sets and this adds to the attraction of this popular form of jewelry. Styles that range from tiny discrete necklaces through to large and flamboyant designs are all readily available. The necklaces can be made from many different materials including:

  • Sterling Silver - This is one of the most popular of the precious metals used to create jewelry. The cool white of the metal is hard wearing yet also has a wonderful luster. Sterling silver does tarnish over time, however many people believe this adds to the beauty of the metal. This is an excellent choice for interlocking necklaces as, when the silver ages, the interlocking elements will be enhanced and emphasized.
  • Gold - Found in many different qualities (karats) and colors, gold remains a popular choice. This is particularly good for interlocking hearts as this type of necklace may become an important family heirloom and the gold will increase the value of the jewelry over time.
  • Other Materials - This style of jewelry can be made from many other materials. Interlocking beads, for instance look fabulous as do the fun and funky acrylic beads and shapes that are so popular and trendy at the moment.

In addition to necklaces, jewelry sets are also often available and these include earrings that match the necklace. This is the perfect way to own a coordinated set of jewelry that will look great in many different environments.

Buying Interlocking Necklaces and Jewelry

 Interlocking Disc Necklace

With such a diverse range of styles and designs of interlocking necklaces and sets available, sometimes it can be difficult to know where - and how - to start looking. Thankfully the Internet presents a great opportunity for people looking for the perfect piece of jewelry. Not only does it offer the chance to browse many different stores from all over the world while seeking inspiration, when the perfect item has been found, websites also often offer fantastically competitive prices.Some great websites to look at include:

  • Hollywoodlux - There is a stunning interlocking ring necklace featured at this website.
  • Overstock - This beautiful interlocking heart necklace set is ideal for many occasions.

Caring for Your Interlocking Necklace

A set of interlocking jewelry takes a little bit of extra care to ensure that it looks great for years to come.

  • Regularly check the interlocking components for wear and tear.
  • Store the jewelry in a special jewelry organizer to keep it clean and safe.
  • Check the necklace clasps to ensure that they work effectively and take to a jeweler to get the clasp replaced if it looks damaged.
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Interlocking Necklace Set Types & Where to Buy