20 Inspirational Rings to Empower Your Beliefs

Inspirational Rings

Inspirational rings are not only beautiful, but they also convey beliefs and empower the wearer.

About Inspirational Rings

Rings have a long-standing history of bearing meaning. Love, marriage, commitment, friendship, motherhood, and much more can be conveyed in various types of rings. Inspirational rings, however, rather than conveying meaning in terms of a relationship of emotive connection with another person, usually signify a religious or in some way spiritual belief.

Rings with spiritual or inspirational meanings are made from a wide range of materials and are designed from a broad range of designs and phrases, verses, or words.

Types of Rings

Although you can have a ring custom-made for a particular inspiration, there is such a range on the jewelry market today you may want to peruse your inspirational ring options first.

Words and Phrases

Words, phrases, verses, and quotes are all popular on inspirational jewelry. Rings may be engraved with:

  • Quotes from famous persons
  • Verses or words form the Bible
  • Prayers
  • Famous Shakespearian quotes
  • Other literary quotes
  • Phrases or quotes in foreign languages (Chinese characters are especially popular)
  • Brief poetic phrases
  • A series of inspiring and/or empowering words
  • Positive thought words
  • Names of loved ones or heroes

Motifs and Emblems

Although virtually any emblem, motif, or design can have special significance to an individual, there are a variety of inspirational motifs and designs that are very popular. These include:

Materials and Costs

Inspirational rings are made from a variety of materials. High quality rings may be made of gold, silver, or other metals, perhaps with precious or semi-precious gems. Inspirational fashion rings may be made from plated metals. Even inexpensive imprinted rubber rings are available, either as awareness rings representing a certain cause or simply containing inspiring words such as "Faith," Hope," or "Love."

As with most rings, those of spiritual or inspirational nature vary in price according to the materials, craftsmanship, and design. Although many rings of this nature are engraved or imprinted, this does not necessarily mean the prices are exorbitant -- many, in fact, are pleasingly reasonable in price. Since these rings are popular, quantities can be machine made and sold at lower costs. Higher prices usually stem from those inspirational pieces which utilize manual methods in their creation, such as rings that are hand-carved or hand-polished - so if you are looking for a piece wielded by hand in some manner, expect to pay a bit more.

Double Finger Rings

A unique innovation in meaningful rings has been done by a company entitled You Macbeth. The massive, hand-polished rings the company designs are created from the literary and theatrical muse of Shakespeare's Macbeth, and they offer the wearer an inspiring reminder of the responsibility of personal choices.

Other Inspirational Jewelry

In addition to rings, inspirational jewelry takes on many other forms, including necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. Pendants are also a popular form of inspirational jewelry, and many provide large surface areas for inscriptions, verses, or quotes.

Where to Buy

Although departments stores and standard jewelers usually have a small selection of inspirational jewelry, you'll have more ring variety from a store that specializes in religious or inspirational items. The following sites include sell inspirational rings as well as other types of inspirational jewelry:

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20 Inspirational Rings to Empower Your Beliefs