ID Bracelets & Dogtags: Show Who You Are in Style

Identity jewelry is attractive and useful

An attractive yet useful form of jewelry is identity jewelry such as an ID bracelet or dogtags.

What is Identity Jewelry?

Identity jewelry is a form of jewelry that allows the wearer to display important information about themselves. This might include name, special medical information or contact information.

Dog Tags

Dog tags are a popular form of identity jewelry and are based on the tags that were traditionally worn by military personnel which provided important information. Dog tag necklaces as fashion jewelry have grown in popularity as they can be created from many different metals, from stainless steel through to the finest golds, and there is plenty of space for the engraving of a name or message. Dog tags can be worn around the neck, or smaller versions can be found that make ideal bracelets or even earrings.

Dog tag jewelry also makes a great gift and is a lovely and thoughtful way of sharing a special message with someone. The individual tags can be engraved on the front or back, depending on personal preference, and messages such as 'I love you' or simply a single name look fantastic. It is also possible to have a stone set on a dog tag and this is a lovely way to introduce a birthstone into this interesting jewelry type.

Traditionally dog tags would have been worn as a necklace or pendant on a ball style chain. Today they can be found with any type or style of chain and the different chain types help to stamp an individual's personality onto the necklace. Gold dogtag ball chain necklaces look particularly attractive and are suitable for many occasions.

ID Bracelets

ID bracelets or identity bracelets are a form of bracelet with a large space for engraving. This is typically a chain or link bracelet as this is practical and hard wearing. Identity bracelets can be made from any type of metal, with metals such as stainless steel, silver and gold being popular choices. Identity bracelets can be engraved with a few words such as names and this is a special way of keeping someone close to you, even if this is just in thought. Identity bracelets are also used to provide important health information such as people with special medical needs.

Identity bracelets need to be relatively robust as they are often worn everyday. Unlike dog tags or other identity necklaces, bracelets can get knocked and caught on other items and as such delicate bracelets would be impractical. This is why ID bracelets are often recognized by their distinctive chunky designs. Identity bracelets often have safety chains attached which means that if they were to pull loose or the clasp was to break, the bracelet would remain safe and would not get lost.

Tips for Buying an ID Bracelet or Dogtags

Buying any form of jewelry can be a tremendous pleasure and a very positive experience. However it is not without its potential pitfalls and doing some research first can ensure that the perfect purchase is made. Here are some tips to help find the right ID bracelet or dogtags.

  • Set a budget before starting shopping! This can help to avoid wasted time and also focuses the search. Setting a budget prior to browsing jewelry can also help to stop the temptation to spend more than is practical on a piece of jewelry.
  • Decide on the metal type. This is important for both budgeting and also for practical purposes. Metals such as stainless steel cost a lot less than the very finest gold. Gold may look wonderful, however may be less practical than stainless steel, which is very hard wearing and may be more suitable for medical identity bracelets.
  • Ask the jeweler's advice about engraving, for instance how many letters can be engraved or what font to use.
  • Write down the words that are to be engraved clearly for the jeweler. This will help to avoid any confusion or the misspelling of names or important words.
  • As with all jewelry, store identity bracelets and dog tag jewelry carefully. Jewelry organizers are a great way of keeping jewelry safely stored.

Jewelry such as ID bracelets and dog tags are wonderful and very special items of jewelry and will become important family heirlooms over time.

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ID Bracelets & Dogtags: Show Who You Are in Style