How to Wear Long a Pearl Necklace for Any Look

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Ladies with classic, elegant style and those with edgier personas sport long pearls. They've been seen on Coco Chanel, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Ashlee Simpson, to name just a few famous faces with pearls draped around their necks. No matter what your style, you can wear long pearls and look great. Also note the age range of the women; anyone can wear them and look amazing. It's all a matter of finding out how to wear long pearls to reflect your personal style.

Dress Them Down

Using pearls with something as casual as a t-shirt and jeans may seem nearly blasphemous for some, but it really is a quick way to dress down your pearls if you have them, love them, but feel that you never have anywhere to wear them. It's also a way to dress up your outfit just a bit, taking it from casual to chic. Make sure your t-shirt is fitted (no graphic tees!) with clean, simple lines. Also make sure that your jeans hug your figure well to show off your curves without appearing too tight. Pointed toe heels finish off the look effortlessly. Ways to wear your pearls with this type of outfit include:

  • Wrapped several times around your neck to create a chunky choker-this works especially well if your t-shirt is low-cut.
  • Wrapped around the neck once, twisted, with the remainder hanging in a second tier.
  • Wrapped like a scarf around the neck-hold the necklace horizontally at the base of the neck, then slip one end through the loop of the other end.
  • Tie a simple knot about halfway down.

You can add a small velvet or satin bow to the strand to add a pop of color and customize your necklace to your outfit. You can do this no matter how you're wearing your pearls. A simple, long strand of pearls can look amazing with menswear-inspired clothing, too.

dress them up

Dress Them Up

Wear them with your little black dress. White pearls are elegant; other colors will give your classic look a new twist. As long as the neck on the dress is high, you can wrap them so that there is a short strand around your neck while the rest of the length hangs down. You can also wear them with a strapless dress. It's easy because there's nothing near your neck for them to compete with. Don't be afraid to layer short and long necklaces, silver and gold, and even a choker with your pearls here.

multiple necklaces

Long Pearls: Mix It Up

Long pearls look lovely when paired with other necklaces of varying lengths. Try pairing them with silver or gold thin chains or pendants in all lengths. You could even wear four or five necklaces at one time if they are all relatively simple and vary enough in length (use your judgment once you have them layered on and remove as needed).

Also, you don't need pearl earrings or rings to go with your long pearls. You can mix up your other jewelry too. Pair diamond or cubic zirconium earrings with your pearls if you wish. You can also just wear silver or gold hoops, colored stones-whatever you like!

mix it up

Wear Them Somewhere Else Entirely

Wrap the pearls around your wrist and wear them as a chunky bracelet. Put your wrist through the length, twist, put your wrist through again, twist, and repeat until you've used up the entire length. Or do it without the twists by wrapping the folded length of the pearls around your wrist a few times and securing the ends together with a brooch. This will give you a funky, edgy look if you prefer that.

pearl necklace as a bracelet

Be Fabulous in Long Pearls

Long pearls give you a lot to work with, so be creative. Loop them, layer them, pair them with other necklaces, or just wear them somewhere besides your neck.

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How to Wear Long a Pearl Necklace for Any Look