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Hip Hop Jewelry: Style Yourself Like the Stars

Samantha Lease
Hip Hop Jewelry Chain

Many people look up to hip hop artists and often find themselves wanting to mimic their trendy jewelry choices. With fast changing trends, you probably want to update your hip hop jewelry collection to feature the latest 'it' pieces. Find out what to buy and how to style it with these tips.

The Grill

Grillz are an important piece to most hip hop artists' looks. A grill is a mouthpiece that is normally blinged out, so your smile can shine even brighter than normal. A grill is not only for men, women are catching onto the trend, too. Miley Cyrus, Madonna, and Katy Perry are all proudly flaunting their grillz on recent red carpets. Although grillz originated from hip hop artists, as you can see, many other songbirds have jumped on the bandwagon. So if you think hip hop jewelry isn't for you, think again.

Where to Buy

  • King Johnny is a store based out of Houston, Texas, and it has a great online website. King Johnny offers a buyer rewards program that is hard to beat. It offers 1 point for every $1 spent, 500 points for referring friends, and 500 points just for joining. Later you can exchange your points for cash back. King Johnny creates custom grillz, and you can choose the exact number and color of blinged out teeth you would like in your grill. Want something classic? Get this yellow and white diamond grill with 10k white gold priced at $1,700.
  • Johnny Dang, also based in Texas, is the grill master to the stars, and celebrities from all over flock to his store. His pieces have been featured in magazines such as The Source, XXL, and also on television. You wouldn't expect celebrity grillz to be cheap, right? Try this colorful enameled candy paint yellow gold grill retailing at $810, or this $750 dripping diamonds grill for a true hip hop celeb status look.
Candy Paint Eight Teeth Grill Six With Enamel at Johnny Dang
Candy Paint Eight Teeth Grill at Johnny Dang's

How to Style

Grillz are easy to style because they pretty much are a statement piece that goes with everything.

  • If you are opting for a custom number of grill pieces, you may just want to wear one at a time, on either side of your mouth. This way, when you flash a quick smile, you are showing the extra little something in your grin.
  • Styles like the two-toned diamond cuts piece and the yellow gold enameled grill that are more flashy and in your face should be worn selectively. Wear these on a night out when you want to be noticed. These are perfect for the club with any attire.
  • The dripping diamonds style grill gives a more subdued, yet still flashy, effect. Wear this with a suit on a night out where the occasion is just as big as your smile.

Iced-Out Encrusted Jewels

For the longest time hip hop artists have embraced the 'bigger is better attitude,' and the more bling, the better. This is still true today. Iced-out pieces (a.k.a diamond-encrusted pieces), are worn among hip hop's finest artists. And can you blame them? Jay Z is one of the top hip hop artists in the world, and he is often seen wearing his diamond encrusted Yankee ring that he raps about in his 'New York' song.

Where to Buy

You may not think of Amazon right away when it comes to buying eye-catching jewelry, but they have tons of places that specialize in bold pieces perfect for the look you're after that are available through Amazon. With free shipping on anything over $35 dollars and free two-day shipping on any order with Prime.

  • Ladies will love the rose gold link-chain ring with a diamond-encrusted love knot, because women love bling, too! Designed by Luxerman and available at, the ring is done in a Diamond Link Cuban style with multiple diamonds in a pave setting highlighting the center knot, and retails for about $1000.
  • From Melano Creation and sold through Amazon, this 14k gold chain link iced-out, Cuban link ring has a classic yet trendy hip hop style with its multiple round diamonds done in a pave setting. It's priced at around $3,200.

Ashley Gold is another retailer who specializes in iced-out jewels, for a fraction of the price, due to the fact that her pieces are made of high quality cubic zirconia's (CZ) and not actual diamonds. This company often hosts events and fundraisers, so you can have fun and shop at the same time. Shopping for a cause never felt so good. A few standouts from this retailer include:

  • Their eye-catching sterling silver square cufflinks, which are Rhodium plated and have multiple shapes of CZ for a bold style. These are available for about $35.
Ashley Gold Sterling Silver Square Cufflinks
Sterling Silver Square Cufflinks
  • Chains with 'dog tags' are popular among hip hop's elite, and this sterling silver and navy sparkler by Ashley Gold is stunning at about $200. It is crafted of sterling silver and designed with Spinel stones in a 14-inch length with a lobster clasp.
Ashley Gold Sterling Silver With Spinel Stones Plate Necklace
Sterling Silver With Spinel Stones Plate Necklace

How to Style

Diamonds go with everything, so this is an easy task, but there are a couple of things to take notice of.

  • It's okay to mix white, yellow, and rose gold. These all go together very well.
  • Mix sterling silver and white gold with any other colored bling, like black or navy.
  • Don't stack your diamond rings, instead wear them on different fingers. Stacking them takes away from their beauty.
  • If you must mix all of your colored ice, keep one color theme to one hand, and one color theme to the other.

Chainz for Dayz

The chunky gold chain will always remain prevalent in the hip hop industry, and now artists are getting more creative with their updated chain looks and pendants.

Where to Buy

Jared Jewelers is a trusted name when it comes to jewelry, so it's no surprise they carry many high quality chain options. The great thing about buying from Jared is that they have many free-standing stores and they offer full service on almost all of their items. Just pop in and they are more than happy to answer all of your repair questions. Some chains that stand out include:

  • This two toned oval link chain, done in two-tone gold for an eye-catching look. It has an 18-inch length and the links re different sizes, so it really stands out with its design. It is available for about $2000.
  • This yellow gold multi-chain tied-together look. This chain stands out with its distinctive configuration of Grumetta chains and popcorn chains. It is made from beautiful 10K gold in an 18-inch length and retails for about $1400.

Bling Jewelz is a more price-conscious retailer, and they have an Instagram page that wows. Their prices are unbeatable and they have a large selection for both men and women. Add one of the price-friendly pendants to any chain for a complete baller look.

  • Bling Jewelz has an array of chains, so you can order more than just a pendant for your chain from them. Check out these men's and women's gold chains. Styles range from rope chains to oversize links, are gold-plated, and range from sale-priced chains at about $15 to oversized chains for about $90.
  • Check out their astonishing selection of hip hop pendant sets. These range from about $50 to around $200 and include a gold-plated chain and multiple pendants with details like hand-set cubic zirconia stones.

You can also find plenty of hip hop style pendants from department stores (online and off) as well, so you don't necessarily have to visit a specialty jewelry store. A few examples, include:

  • This fuchsia women's ice cream pendant from Macy's and chain is by SIS Simone I. Smith. It is super dope and super blinged out for about $300, made of 18K gold over sterling silver.
  • Part of the Jungle Julz line designed exclusively for the Snoop Dogg jewelry line, this King Ice X Snoop Dogg Purple Drank Necklace is available for about $100 from Zumiez. It is done with an 18K gold-plated chain and has purple cubic zirconia integrated in the pendant portion.

How to Style

  • Chains are perfect for layering on top of one another.
  • Mixing tones is encouraged, and it is okay to mix silver and gold.
  • Add any pendant to any chain to switch up your look.
  • Mix different length chains together, as this is seen often in the hip hop community.
  • Wear under or over your shirt, but most hip hop artists' wear their chains over their outfits, putting them on full display.

Hip Hop Inspired Earrings

Whether you are male or female, in the game of hip hop, everyone wears earrings. Earrings have always been popular in the hip hop jewelry market, and they add to your whole ensemble. From custom hoop earrings to bold studs, there are options for men and women.

Where to Buy

Bling Jewelry has many creative earrings for both men and woman, and they also have a rewards program and free shipping over $25. Highlights include:

  • The bamboo hoop earring is popular in the hip hop industry. Get these yellow gold plated bamboo hoops from Bling Jewelry for only $20. These come in 1.75 or 2.25-inch styles for attention-grabbing style.
  • For men, the hip hop earring look often comes in the form of diamond stud earrings. Get these black and white men's blinged out studs from Bling Jewelry. They are also available in blue and black diamonds for an ultra funky feel. They are available for about $20-$30, depending on the style.

My Name Necklace specializes in personalized jewelry. My Name Necklace is a retailer who primarily sells earrings, necklaces, and rings with custom names on them. They have a huge and loyal following, so you can be sure you are purchasing a quality piece. Also, their customer rewards program is lucrative and you can earn a lot of free money towards your earrings. Looking for one of their stand out styles?

  • Hoop earrings are a popular hip hop style, but what's cooler than hoop earrings? Hoop earrings with your name on them. These 18k gold plated personalized earrings from My Name Necklace are a steal at about $80.

How to Style

  • For men, it is as easy as just putting a stud in each ear. The bigger the stud, the better.
  • For women, you can use more of your earring holes (if you have them) and put your hoops on first, and then work your way up your ear with studs or smaller hoops.

Name of the Game

Hip hop artists like to display their name on either a nameplate ring or necklace, or sometimes both. Nelly loves to wear his nameplate pendant and chain around his neck for a baller look.

Where to Buy

Love Jewelry by Jenny is all handmade and has tons of satisfied customers. You can get personalized styles at affordable prices to show off your unique look.

  • Show off like Nelly with this custom gold plated personalized necklace for just over $60. It is Rhodium plated and done in a pace cut design and 3-D script. Get up to nine letters on this piece for free.
Gold Plated Personalized Name Plate Necklace at Love Jewelry by Jenny
Gold Plated Personalized Name Plate Necklace
  • Want to feel like Bonnie & Clyde like Bey and Jay? Get this double name plate necklace from Jenny for you and your boo, too. This solid gold 10K necklace includes two names of up to nine letters each and retails for about $220.

Zales always has free shipping and they are a name you can trust, being in business since 1924. They are an excellent choice for many different jewelry styles and offer some customizable pieces, too. A great example is this classic yellow gold name ring from Zales for about $250. Done in 10K gold, it is designed for a fun and fashionable look and features up to eight letters.

How to Style

  • You can totally wear all of your name plate jewelry at the same time.
  • Yes, go ahead and wear the ring, the earrings, and the necklace.
  • You can also get your nickname, your boyfriend's name, or your kids' names on your nameplate piece.

Flick of the Wrist

The ultimate hip hop jewelry connoisseur will definitely want to tie their whole look together with a watch. Hip hop rapper 'Fat Joe' is rarely seen without an iced-out watch.

Where to Buy

  • If you are looking for a style like to Fat Joe's, Sears sells a similar stainless steel and icy watch for a fraction of the price, priced at $60. This Master of Bling Watch features simulated diamonds and a stainless steel design.
  • Rappers love their watches and this blinged out watch from Target available in yellow gold, white gold, and black is a great quality option for about $495.
  • If you are into silver or diamond-faced watches such as Floyd Mayweather, then a style like this Michael Kors watch is for you, perfectly priced at about $500. Michael Kors is more popular now than ever, and they offer free shipping.

How to Style

Watches are one of those things that you will want to match to your outfit and the occasion.

  • In the hip hop industry watches are normally worn with dresses for ladies, and for men you'll see them being worn with everything from workout clothes to suits.
  • Hold the watch up to your outfit and try to match the tones of the watch to the tones of your outfit.

Hip Hop Forever

Hip hop will always be a popular music phenomenon and people will continue to embrace the hip hop culture. The culture of hip hop jewelry is big, bold, and shiny. Both men and women can cash in on this permanent trend by sticking to the 'bigger is better rule'. Check out the hip hop jewelry looks that work for you and your personality, don't forget to clean your bling properly, (because there is nothing worse than cloudy stones), and you'll be decked out in style in no time.

Hip Hop Jewelry: Style Yourself Like the Stars