Gemstone Cabochons: Basics on These Hand-Cut Stones

Hand Cut Gemstone Cabochons

If you are looking for a special piece of jewelry then how about considering jewelry set with a hand cut gemstone cabochon. These lovely styled stones combined with the unique finish of a hand cut and crafted shape results in a stunning piece of one of a kind jewelry.

What are Hand Cut Gemstone Cabochons?

The cabochon cut is one that is often used to transform rough pieces of gemstone rock into lovely gleaming treasures. This distinctive style is instantly recognized by the flat base and gently doming surface. The most common shapes are circular and oval shaped. All gemstones can be cut into a cabochon shape, however this is most ideally suited to opaque or patterned gemstones as the cut really shows off the patterns in the stone to its best advantage.

Cabochon or Faceted Cut?

Many commodity gemstones are cut by machine. This means that each stone is an identical shape and size. These calibrated stones are ideal for setting into jewelry of a standard size. There are occasions where a standard cut is not appropriate and this is when a hand cut gemstone cabochon might be used. This could include requiring a specially sized gemstone to fit a hand crafted jewelry setting or perhaps a particularly special stone might need hand cutting to maximize the natural features of the stone.

Hand cut cabochons are available in literally all shapes and sizes as the skilled gemstone cutter can work with very tiny stones through to large and impressive gemstones.

Types of Gemstone

While any gemstone can be cut this way, the most popular stones are agates and quartzes as these have beautiful patterns and markings that are enhanced by a cabochon cut. Some interesting stones include jade, onyx, amethyst and turquoise. Clear and transparent gemstones such as rubies can also be cut into a cabochon shape, however many people prefer to have these cut with facets as this allows the light to shine through the stone.

How to Feature Hand Cut Gemstones

Many jewelry artists like to work with hand cut stones. This is because no two stones are completely alike when they have been cut by hand. Each stone might be slightly differently shaped or cut in a special way. This gives the jewelry artist the perfect opportunity to explore their creativity and to create wonderful unique one of a kind pieces of jewelry. Hand cut gemstone cabochons look fantastic set in a wide range of jewelry styles including:

  • Rings - rings are the perfect way to show off a unique hand cut gemstone. Large gemstones are particularly effective and as a ring features a single stone there is no worry about matching the stone with others to form a set.
  • Pendants and Necklaces - these are another great way to feature hand cut stones. A jewelry artist can create a setting that shows the stone off in a classic simple style or with a more flamboyant touch. Cabochon pendants and necklaces can feature a single stone or a range of stones can be included depending on the style required.
  • Earrings - a pair of hand cut gemstones look marvelous set into earrings. These are likely to be smaller than the gemstones used for other items of jewelry as it is important that the stones are not too heavy and that the earrings are comfortable to wear.

Buying Hand Cut Cabochon Gemstone Jewelry

There are many places that you can find this type of jewelry. The best places to find an interesting range include craft fairs and markets, independent jewelers who often have a show room at their workshop and even gemstone fairs. Here are some tips that will help you make the perfect purchase:

  • If you are looking for unusual gemstones, ask the jeweler if there are any special considerations that you should be aware of. Some gemstones, for instance, are comparatively soft and may scratch or damage easily making them unsuitable for everyday wear.
  • Check the gemstone to make sure that it has not been damaged during the cutting process. A tiny flaw may grow into a bit crack over time.
  • Look for gold or silver jewelry. It is a shame to buy a wonderful gemstone that is set in base metal as this might corrode or tarnish. Some people are allergic to certain base metals.

This can be a lovely way to own a great looking and highly individual piece of jewelry.

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Gemstone Cabochons: Basics on These Hand-Cut Stones