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Add Bling to Your Costume

Checking out different Halloween jewelry pictures will quickly show that your costume isn't complete without the right seasonal bling. Whether you go with a sophisticated look of black jewelry, or go for a fun-loving look with themed jack-o-lantern's, witches, or similar jewelry - adding a few pieces will set your costume apart.

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Halloween Pendant

A small pendant is a simple and understated look that you can wear just about anywhere in honor of Halloween. Pendants come in a variety of styles, from cute pumpkins and ghosts to more sinister things like haunted houses.

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Dazzling Spiders

A spider pendant is perfect for a vampire costume or just to add a spooky touch to an elegant outfit. Gemstone encrusted spiders are popular, or the spider's body may be a single bold pearl. Colored gemstones, especially rubies or garnets, are popular accents for the spider's eyes or fangs.

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Halloween Brooch

A whimsical Halloween brooch is great to add to any autumn outfit. A dressed up trick-or-treater is a sweet choice, while other options include enamel witch hats, bats, jack-o-lanterns, ghosts, and other spooky symbols.

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Pentacle Pendant

A pentacle is a mystical symbol often associated with witchcraft and other dark magic, making it a subtle but suitable choice for Halloween jewelry. A plain pentacle is a common and easy to find choice, or choose a more elaborate pendant with half moons, Celtic knots, or other details. String the pentacle on a leather or silk cord for the best effect.

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Skull Earrings

Basic carved skull earrings are common Halloween costume jewelry, but for a more unique look opt for painted skulls. If earrings aren't quite right for you, skulls are also popular in rings and bracelets.

Halloween charm bracelet
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Charm Bracelet

Halloween can be a charming holiday with its spooky fun and sweet treats. Add to that sweetness with a themed charm bracelet featuring decorated beads and Halloween accents.

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Poison Ring

A poison ring has a secret compartment meant to hold a small amount of powder, a lock of hair, or a secret note. Many of these rings have elaborate Gothic designs, but even a simple coffin or casket design is perfect as a Halloween ring.

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Spider Set

Enjoy a spooky coordinated look with a spider web earrings and necklace set. This type of jewelry is a bit more delicate, however, so be sure it is appropriate for whatever party or event you plan to attend.

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Black Crystals

Any black jewelry can easily be worn for Halloween. Choose an elaborate beaded necklace, chandelier earrings, or other intricate pieces that evoke thoughts of spider webs for an extra spooky touch.

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Vampire Teeth Ring

A ring with a red stone, such as red jasper, garnet, or ruby, is a subtle accent that adds a gruesome but appropriate touch to any Halloween attire. Add it to a design that looks like vampire teeth and you have a super spooky accessory to your attire.

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Italian Charms

If you collect Italian charms, there are a wide range of spooky links to choose from. Witches, ghosts, jack-o-lanterns, black cats, and skeletons are popular choices, or you can opt for message charms with boo, happy Halloween, trick-or-treat, or similar phrases.

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Belly Ring

Halloween themed belly rings often feature dangle charms of jack-o-lanterns, skeletons, or witches. This is the perfect piece of Halloween jewelry for any midriff-bearing sexy costume, such as a belly dancer, gypsy, or pirate.

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Non-Scary Jewelry

The right jewelry for your Halloween costume doesn't necessarily have to be scary or Halloween-themed. A set of simple pearls, for example, is perfect for a vintage bride, retro 50s look, or a mermaid. Be creative when you choose your Halloween jewelry!

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Halloween Jewelry Pictures