Halloween Jewelry Types for a Ghostly Glam Look

A choker is ideal for Halloween wear

Add some glamor to your Halloween outfit this year with some lovely Halloween Jewelry.

Whether it's a special outfit for a fancy dress or themed party or a glamorous dress for a Halloween ball, adding some Halloween jewelry will provide the perfect finishing touch. Halloween is a great time to dress up and accessorize!

Types of Halloween Jewelry

The choice of jewelry will depend on the occasion to which it is to be worn. There are many different types of Halloween jewelry, ranging from fun and funky jewelry like cute pumpkin earrings to ornate Gothic inspired pendants that are the perfect accompaniment to a glamorous vampire costume. Some interesting Halloween themed ideas for jewelry that will complement a Halloween outfit include:

Skeleton Jewelry

Skeletons can be sinister and somber or cute and cartoon like. They are often featured dangling from earrings and other items of jewelry. When the skeletons are formed from several parts, they sway gently and look as though they are dancing. These can often be found in both precious metals which makes them a wonderful item of jewelry to wear every year or in cheap and cheerful plastics and acrylics which can be discarded after being worn a couple of times.

Ghosts and Ghouls

Another popular Halloween icon is the image of a white ghost with vacant staring eyes. These translate into fun items of jewelry and can make a good alternative for someone looking for something a little different.


Bats, including the Vampire bat, are popular Halloween images. They make great charms and look fantastic when hung from bracelets or worn as pendants. Charms are often made from metals such as silver or from silver plated metal.

Witches and Spells

The silhouette of a witch, flying across the moon on her broomstick is very evocative and this simple image is used in many different ways. This makes a great pin or brooch and they are also often featured on Italian charms.


Halloween jewelry often features pumpkins as these are the ideal shape to be made into many types of jewelry. These can be found made from precious metals such as silver and gold or from brightly colored plastics.

Jewelry to Add Glamour to a Halloween Outfit

If you don't fancy a pumpkin or skeleton dangling from your jewelry, an alternative is to look for jewelry that will add glamor or complement a Halloween outfit. This needn't feature a Halloween image at all, instead it might simply be created using Halloween type colors or have a distinctive Victorian or Gothic style. This includes:

  • Long black strands of beads - These beaded necklaces can look glamorous and very 'Elvira'
  • Red choker - A blood red velvet choker looks fantastic with a variety of outfits yet is also very dramatic
  • Vintage styled jewelry - Any vintage or antique style jewelry will add a touch of class to a Halloween dress and is very much in the Halloween tradition
  • Large rings - Dramatic rings are wonderful to wear and are very Gothic in their appearance; team these with dark painted nails to make a real Halloween statement!

Buying Halloween Jewelry

Halloween jewelry is featured in many jewelry stores as well as gift and fashion stores. It can also be found online and this can make a great alternative for people looking to shop from the comfort of their own home! There are many different stores to choose from, however some of the most well known include:

  • Amazon - There is a wide selection of jewelry here from dancing skeletons to pumpkin charms. Amazon also offer free delivery for certain orders.
  • Bizrate - This is a price comparison website that has several different Halloween jewelry products featured.
  • Zulu Moon - This store has a small collection of necklaces and earrings that are cast in sterling silver.

Whether spooky or sophisticated, Halloween is a great time to wear special jewelry - whatever your style!

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Halloween Jewelry Types for a Ghostly Glam Look