9 Guardian Angel Jewelry Themes for Guidance

Guardian Angel necklace

Many individuals of different faiths believe, on some level, in the guidance of a guardian angel, and guardian angel jewelry is a simple yet elegant way to share those beliefs.

About Guardian Angels

Guardian angels are believed to be protective spirits that watch over individuals. Their exact purpose is open to interpretation, but many people believe that guardian angels provide many things, including guidance, good fortune, comfort, peace of mind, and pleasant dreams. Some individuals believe that only one angel watches over each person, while others believe that everyone is safeguarded by many angels depending on their different tasks and activities.

With so many possible interpretations in many different faiths, it is no surprise that there are nearly endless variations of guardian angel jewelry available. The most popular option, however, are angel pins.

Guardian Angel Pins

Pins of guardian and protective angels come in a wide range of forms. The actual construction of the pins can vary, with some simple angels less than one-half inch long, while more elaborate designs may be greater than two inches long. Abstract shapes and filigree designs are popular and can be adapted to many specific roles, while simple cherub figures are also available. Most designs feature the entire body of the angel, while others focus only on the torso, head, and wings to convey the protective and spiritual symbolism.

Angel pins are fashioned from any number of materials, though pewter, brass, silver, and gold-plated metals are the most popular. Pearls, crystals, and gemstones are often used as accents, and more elaborate designs may be painted in a variety of shades.

Pin Themes

Most people choose guardian angel jewelry that has some connection to their lives to promote a greater spiritual link, and an entire host of themed pins are available. Popular themes include:

  • Career Angels: Teachers, nurses, doctors, firefighters, policemen, childcare workers, and other "nurturing" angel pins can be easily found from many retailers.
  • Hobby Angels: Guardian angels can be found for nearly any hobby, including sewing, music, crafts, bingo, reading, motorcycles, sports, and computers.
  • Patriotic Angels: Angels holding military service branch logos, American flags, and yellow ribbons are popular options for servicemen and women.
  • Family Angels: Mother and grandmother angel pins are fairly common, but it is possible to find other family members including fathers, grandfathers, siblings, and twins.
  • Cause Angels: These iconic figures show support of particular causes, such as breast cancer, AIDS, Alzheimer's disease, autism, and general cancer awareness.
  • Holiday Angels: Snowmen-as-angels, stylized Cupids, and angels holding holiday icons such as hearts, diplomas, shamrocks, and jack-o-lanterns can offer protection for any special occasion.
  • Birthstone Angels: These are a very popular variation, and by choosing the wearer's or giver's birthstone (usually placed as an abstract head, a halo, or accents on the angel's body), there is even more significance and connection to the angel.
  • Travel Angels: Many individuals are nervous about traveling, and an angel representing a safe plane, train, or car trip can provide peace of mind.
  • Memorial Angels: These angels are often hand-crafted for a specific individual and may include birthstones, themed icons, initials, or engravings to memorialize a loved one.

With so many variations available, it is no wonder that pins are the most popular type of guardian angel jewelry. They are also the most versatile: pins can be fastened to a lapel, worn as brooches, used to decorate a purse or bag, added to a hat, or affixed on a jacket. Pins may also embellish different craft projects or fabric items such as pillows or scrapbooks, giving protection in a variety of unique ways.

Other Guardian Angel Jewelry

Pins may be the most common variation of angel jewelry, but they are not the only one. Other types of available jewelry include:

  • Necklaces and Pendants: Angels may hang from a chain or be etched into a locket or heart.
  • Earrings: Both clip and post earrings are available with mini angel forms.
  • Charm Bracelets: An angel charm can add serenity and protection to a bracelet.
  • Clips: While not exactly jewelry, visor or bag clips are popular guardian angel pieces.
  • Rings: Guardian angel rings are difficult to find, but specialty ring designers may offer either bands with stylized angels carved into them or figural designs with angels as the focal point of the piece.

Where to Find Angel Pins and Jewelry

Most novelty retailers - card shops, gift shops, craft stores, etc. - offer at least a few types of guardian angels (spiritual-based stores have more options), but a much wider selection is available from online jewelry stores. Excellent choices include:

Giving Guardian Angel Jewelry

Once you have found the perfect guardian angel, giving it may be a delicate situation. Most people, regardless of their religious beliefs, will recognize the symbolism and intent of guardian angels, but if there is any doubt, always give the token discreetly. For a bolder message of protection, friendship, and sincere wishes, many angel pieces come with inspirational poems or religious messages on a card or plaque, or the angel could simply be attached to another gift as an added bit of personalization.

A piece of guardian angel jewelry is more than a pretty trinket or a religious symbol. The protective spirit of the guardian angel represents security and a deeper connection than any other figural or abstract jewelry, and that meaningful sentimentality can be more powerful than the largest diamond or most precious gemstone.

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