Grandmother Spider Jewelry Meaning & Rich History


In Native Americans cultures, Grandmother Spider jewelry represents and honors the wisdom of the creative story weaver and keeper of life's many secrets. Grandmother spider, the one who is able to create something from almost nothing , has the link from the past to the future as she weaves and creates life's pattern.

The Legend of Grandmother Spider

All Native American tribes know the legend of how Grandmother Spider brought fire to the people although slight variations may exist between tribes. As a way to remember grandmother spider for her great gift and teachings, the American Indian people made beautiful designs of her to decorate their homes and later exquisite spider jewelry to adorn their bodies.

About Grandmother Spider Jewelry

The beauty of Native American jewelry made to honor Grandmother Spider with its sleek sterling silver and beautiful turquoise stones is striking. However, just as there are variations in the legend of Grandmother Spider there are also variations in the jewelry made in her design. Exquisite spiders delicately handcrafted of gold, copper or brass, decorated with precious or semi precious stones such as diamonds, coral or onyx keep Grandmother Spider's secrets of life.

Spiders lovingly etched onto bracelets by American Indian jewelry designers as symbols of wisdom and knowledge, whimsical spiders that seem to smile at the journey of life and spiders that appear as strong and courageous as the Native American people themselves are all created in the image of Grandmother Spider.

Another version of the story of Grandmother Spider relates how in the beginning of time there were only two beings. One was Grandmother Spider, also known as Spider Woman and the other was The Sun Gold, Tawa. As the Sun God imagined the creatures that would live on earth, Grandmother Spider would bring them to life, including humans, animals and plants. As she did this, she attached one of her spider silk threads to each human to provide them with her protection and wisdom.

Grandmother Spider Artist-Designed Jewelry

Florida jewelry designer, LaDonna, creates Grandmother Spider jewelry using natural materials, semiprecious stones and vintage jewelry. Each beautiful jewelry piece she designs is one of a kind. This talented jewelry artisan handcrafts beautiful Grandmother Spider necklaces that are accompanied by a note card with the Cherokee version of the legend. An exquisite example of a spider necklace created by LaDonna features four strands on each side of the gorgeous blue dichroic glass spider body.

A stunning handcrafted Navaho sterling silver spider pin set with two turquoise cabochons and designed by Randy Baird is exquisitely detailed.

Places to Find Spider Jewelry Online

Many of the online websites that feature spider jewelry include Grandmother Spider jewelry with their selections. The following websites have a mixture of spider jewelry including Grandmother Spider pieces.

  • Ebay
  • Silver Enchantments
  • Ruby Lane
  • Badali Jewelry Specialties offers a large assortment of spider jewelry in sterling silver and 14k gold. Each piece beautifully constructed by hand. Many Grandmother Spider pieces on this website are decorated with gemstones. The precious or semi precious gemstone of your choice includes:
    • Amethyst
    • Black onyx
    • Garnet
    • Jade
    • Carnelian agate
    • Hematite
    • Tiger's eye
    • Turquoise
    • Lapis Lazuli
    • Moonstone
    • Malachite
    • Synthetic fiber eye stones in a choice of many colors


The mystery and beauty of Grandmother Spider jewelry is rich with Native American lore. With the many styles and designs there is sure to be one that will connect you the ancient wisdom of Grandmother Spider.
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Grandmother Spider Jewelry Meaning & Rich History