Glow In the Dark Necklaces for Illuminating Fun


Adults and children can enjoy the unique and fun possibilities of glow in the dark necklaces. These necklaces will entertain children for hours. For adults, the glowing jewelry can make dancing more fun at nightclubs. People of all ages find glow in the dark jewelry entertaining.

How does Glow in the Dark Jewelry Work?

There are two basic types of glow in the dark necklaces--chemical-based technology and LED lights. The chemical-based necklaces are also known as glow stick necklaces. Chemical-based glow jewelry is generally cheaper than LED jewelry because they have a shorter lifespan.

The chemical-based necklaces are usually in the form of a long plastic tube containing phenyl oxlyate mixed with a fluorescent dye and a small glass vial of hydrogen peroxide. Many of these type of necklaces come in the form of straight glow sticks that are bent and snapped together to form a necklace shape. When the necklace is bent, the glass vial breaks, allowing the hydrogen peroxide and phenyl oxlyate to mix. When the two chemicals combine, they produce light or a glow. The glowing effect cannot be shut off once the chemicals mix and will last for two to three hours. Once the glow is extinguished, it will not reactivate.

Longer-lasting glow in the dark necklaces use LED technology. LED lights are placed inside glass or plastic compartments and powered by a battery. Flashing light pendants and necklaces utilize LED lights. LED-powered glow necklaces can last for years because the battery can be replaced as needed.

Glow Necklace Styles

Novelty shop glow sticks are not the only option for glow necklaces. Glow necklaces come in many styles from glowing beads to flashing pendants.

Flashing Star Necklace
Flashing Star Necklace
  • Glow Stick Necklaces: Glow sticks are generally bent to shape a necklace and produce a glow effect. Sticks of different colors can be connected to create a variety of looks.
  • Flashing glow necklaces: Flashing glow necklaces are available in many shapes such as stars, hearts, squares, smiling faces, skulls or flowers.
  • Glowing mardi gras necklaces: Glow in the dark versions of the traditional mardi gras necklace are available.
  • Glow pendants: Pendants featuring artistic designs are also sold, especially from artisans.

Why People Enjoy Glow Necklaces

Glow necklaces are popular with both children and adults for many reasons. One of the reasons is the versatile nature of glow necklaces. Uses of glow necklaces include:

  • Party favor: Glow necklaces are fun favors for birthday parties or family reunions.
  • Halloween safety lights for trick-or-treaters: Parents sometimes have their children wear glow necklaces as a safety device to make them more visible to passing traffic during outdoor trick-or-treating.
  • Dancing accessory: Glow necklaces are popular at many nightclubs where dancers enjoy the glow in the dark feature on dark dance floors.
  • Concert or sports event souvenir: People customarily wave glow sticks and wear glow stick necklaces at some concert and nighttime sporting events as a way to show their excitement for the musical group or sports team.
  • Whimsical jewelry: Some people wear glow necklaces for decoration.

Safety Concerns

Most chemical-based glow in the dark jewelry is considered safe and leak-proof. However, some brands of glow in the dark necklaces were recalled in the past for containing dangerous levels of lead. It is important to make sure that you are purchasing a glow in the dark necklace that is not recalled, especially when purchasing the necklace for a child. Always supervise your child with the necklace to make sure she does not bite or break open glow stick jewelry.

Where to Buy Glow in the Dark Necklaces

Glow necklaces are available at local novelty shops, dollar stores, large superstores and some jewelry stores. The Internet is a great resource for a variety of glow necklaces. Online retailers include:

  • Glow Products: Glow Products offers a large selection of glow stick necklaces and LED pendants.
  • Oriental Trading: This site sells Tri-Color brand glow stick necklaces. Each necklace consists of three different colors.
  • Fun Express: Fun Express has glow in the dark mardi gras necklaces in a variety of colors.
  • Etsy sells a variety of handcrafted necklace that glow in the dark.
  • Amazon: Amazon sells glow stick necklaces and LED pendants.

Glow in the dark necklaces offer plenty of options for entertaining people of all ages. The jewelry can be worn for simple adornment or to encourage interaction at a party. It is easy to see why these necklaces are so popular.

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