4 Cabochon Gemstone Pendant Keys to Consider

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If you are looking for a special item of jewelry then a gemstone cabochon pendant might be just the thing! The inner beauty of a natural gemstone teamed with an elegant pendant setting makes for a stunning item of jewelry.

What Are Cabochon Stones?

Gemstones are typically cut in one of two ways. They are either faceted, which means that the surface of the stone is shaped with many tiny cuts that encourage the light to reflect through the stone and sparkle, or they are cabochon cut which means that the stone is cut with a smooth surface and flat back. Any type of gemstone can be cut as a cabochon, however typically clear or expensive stones are cut with a faceted finish, whereas opaque gemstones are cut into a cabochon shape.

The cabochon cut also shows off any natural markings or inclusions in the gemstones. These include features such as the tiny fossilized creatures that are found in amber, the striking natural markings that are found in some agates and the milky opaque colors that typical of many quartzes. This wide selection makes this a great choice for a pendant.

Types of Gemstone Cabochon Pendant

There are many different types of gemstone cabochon pendant available, from tiny delicate pendants that feature a small gemstone,to large and flamboyant styles that showcase a dramatic gemstone cabochon. The choice of pendant is largely down to personal preference, however there are some key features to consider:


When picking a gemstone cabochon pendant the type of metal is an important feature to consider. Precious metals such as gold and sterling silver combine hard wearing qualities along with a beauty that is difficult to beat. Alternatives to precious metals include pendants made from base metals such as copper that have been plated with silver or gold. These are low cost alternatives which can be great for cabochon pendants that are not for everyday wear.

Type of Gemstone

Gemstones are naturally found in a wide range of colors from the palest pink of rose quartz through to the deep greens of jade or black of onyx. Gemstones are also used to mark birthdays. There is a birthstone for every month of the year and these can be a great choice for a gift. Gemstones which are naturally patterned with interesting markings, such as crazy-lace agate, tiger eye or leopard skin jasper, look fantastic when cut into a cabochon shape and the natural markings are emphasized by the smooth cut of the stone.

Style of Pendant

Gemstone cabochon pendants are available in many styles. They are typically set in bold settings and these show off the cut of the stone to the best advantage. The gemstone is often the key feature of the design and this can make a simple and elegant style of pendant. Many cabochon pendants are made by independent jewelry artists, who design one of a kind pieces. They are often very happy to take commissions to make jewelry to order and this can be a good way to own something truly unique.


The budget has a major part to play in the choice of any jewelry. Deciding the budget early on saves time wasted in looking at items that are going to be too expensive. The cost of the metals used as well as the gemstone, combined with the time it takes to make the item, help to determine the final price of a pendant.

Buying a Cabochon Gemstone Pendant

There are many places that sell this type of pendant. As well as looking in traditional jewelry stores, other places that sell an interesting range include craft stores and markets. There are also several online stores that offer an exciting range. These include:

---------------- A cabochon pendant is a wonderful piece of jewelry and one that is bound to be much admired!

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4 Cabochon Gemstone Pendant Keys to Consider