Gallery of Friendship Jewelry Pendants

Friendship necklace

Circle of Friendship

There are many unique and sentimental options for friendship jewelry pendants, and these stylish necklaces are perfect for friends to share or exchange. Whether you choose a heart, a circle pendant or some other symbolic style, you can give a friendly gift that will be a treasured memento of the bond of friendship you share.

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Best Friends Heart

The classic split heart pendant design is one popularly shared by friends. The heart may be engraved or etched with the words "Best Friends" or "Friends Forever" and the words are split into two complimentary pendants. Each half may be plain, or they may be embellished with birthstone charms or other small accents.

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Family as Friends

There are many friendship jewelry pendants designed for special relationships, such as sisters or a mother/daughter relationship. These pendants are usually engraved with meaningful phrases and make a wonderful gift for a birthday, Mother's Day, or just because.

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Birthstone Pendants

A heart shaped pendant with birthstones is a beautiful way to symbolize a friendship. Each birthstone represents one friend, and the diamonds in the center represent the eternal bonds of that friendship.

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Chinese Characters

The Chinese character for "friendship" is a popular and trendy pendant design. The symbol can be carved or etched into a heart or circular pendant, or it could stand alone.

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BFF Pendant

A trendy option for a friendship pendant is one etched with "Friends," and then accented with "BFF" and gemstone charms. Choose one that is your friend's birthstone, or the stone of the month you met for extra significance.

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Mood Pendants

A sunshine mood pendant is a fun option for shared friendship jewelry, and a great way for friends to share how they feel without saying a word. Similar to split heart pendants, this is a more innocent and fun design.

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Message Heart

A message heart pendant is a wonderful option for very close, intimate friends with whom you've shared your most precious secrets. Worn on a longer chain, this pendant rests right next to the heart, where the friendship is strongest.

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Peas in a Pod Pendant

True best friends are like the same peas in a pod, and a whimsical peas in a pod necklace is a fun pendant to give such a close friend. Make this gift even more meaningful by choosing a design with the right number of peas to share between multiple friends, so everyone can share matching pendants.

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Claddagh Pendant

The Celtic claddagh is an ancient symbol of friendship, and while claddagh rings are more commonly associated with romantic relationships, the symbolism is equally appropriate for best friends to share in a pendant design. For more symbolism, choose a pendant with a gemstone heart that can be personalized with a specific birthstone.

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Poetry Pendant

A pendant that features poetry or a quote about friendship is a unique way to celebrate your close bond with your best friend.

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Dog Tags

Dog tag best friend pendants are a fun option for friends to share, and many different designs are available with different symbols and colors. These pendants are best worn on ball chains for an authentic and rugged look.

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Yin and Yang Pendant

Is your best friend the yin to your yang? A two piece yin and yang necklace, can be a great way to symbolize a close friendship. It's also a great gift for a guy friend since the pendant can be worn by either a girl or a guy.

Infinity friendship pendant on
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Infinity Pendant

An infinity pendant is a great way to celebrate the close bonds you have with your friends. The symbolism of a never ending relationship is a touching gesture.

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Group Pendants

Does your inner circle include more than just one other person? Try getting charms that go together. Simple silver pendants that express simple sentiments like, 'Friendship,' 'Happiness,' or 'Memories,' are nice additions to a friendship necklace.

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Puzzle Pendant

Sometimes it can be a puzzle to figure out why two people are friends, but if the pieces of your personalities fit together perfectly, there's no denying that a puzzle friendship pendant is right to symbolize your relationship.

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Gallery of Friendship Jewelry Pendants