Fork Bracelets: Repurposed for a Unique Look

Fork bracelets

If you are looking for a piece of unique jewelry, then how about considering jewelry that is made from cutlery such as stunning and unusual fork bracelets?

One of the great joys of jewelry is the fact that fantastic items of jewelry can be created from the most unusual of materials. While traditionally we think of jewelry being created from precious metals such as gold and silver, contemporary designers are continually exploring and developing the idea of jewelry to create objects that are exciting and unusual.

One interesting way that jewelry designers are approaching jewelry design is from the view of recycling and repurposing. Not only does the recycling of items into jewelry help the environment as it keeps discarded or unwanted items out of landfill, it also gives jewelry designers a wide range of unusual items to work with to create unique pieces of jewelry. Some of the most desirable items for jewelry designers to work with are metal items such as cutlery. Items such as forks and spoons can be manipulated into many different shapes and make wonderful items of jewelry. Fork bracelets are a great example of how cutlery can be transformed into a highly desirable fashion accessory and piece of custom jewelry.

About Fork Bracelets

Fork bracelets can be created in many different styles. They are typically formed as bangle bracelets, although it is possible to find bracelets that have been created by linking segments of forks together. The bangle bracelets are the most common and these are formed by bending the fork into a bangle shape with the prongs of the fork at one end. To make the bracelet comfortable to wear as well as adding some interesting design features, the fork prongs are twisted and bent to form highly unusual shapes.

Fork bracelets are generally made by hand and a jeweler will carefully form the bracelet into shape and twist the prongs by hand. As such every fork bracelet is slightly different and this makes for unique items of jewelry. Other items of jewelry can be created to complement fork bracelets. The prongs of a fork can be used to create a pendant, for instance, or other items of cutlery can be used to create earrings or necklaces.

Forks for Making Bracelets

Not all forks are suitable for making bracelets and jewelers will look for vintage silver forks. This is because silver is easier to bend and shape than stainless steel and also makes a more attractive piece of jewelry. Designers often look for forks and other items of cutlery that have interesting features such as patterned handles or makers' marks clearly shown. These are then incorporated into the design of the jewelry and become features and talking points.

Gemstones and Beads

Some fork bracelets feature the addition of a few well placed gemstones or beads. A designer may use beads to cap the ends of the fork prongs, for instance, and these add color and dimension to the bracelet while also ensuring that sharp prongs do not cause discomfort during wear. Other gemstones can be set into the handle of the fork and this works well with forks that are otherwise undecorated.

Buying Fork Jewelry

The best places to find fork and cutlery jewelry is craft or jewelry fares which specialize in the sale of handmade jewelry. Fork jewelry is typically made by independent jewelers and is therefore rarely available in large jewelry chain stores. Other places that are worth a look are websites such as Etsy that specialize in hand crafted goods and one of a kind items of jewelry.

Artisan jewelers will often be delighted to take commissions to make fork jewelry and this can be the perfect way to own a truly unique item of jewelry.

Fork bracelets are both interesting and attractive, making the perfect accessory for someone looking to state their individuality through their jewelry.

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Fork Bracelets: Repurposed for a Unique Look