Floating Heart Necklaces for a Touch of Love

Floating Heart

Floating heart necklaces are sweet adornments that are perfect for everyday wear. These simple necklaces are pretty without being overwhelming, and can be a great finishing touch for a casual outfit.

What are Floating Heart Necklaces?

The floating heart is a modern take on the traditional heart pendant. The stylized hearts are made from smooth and shiny metal and are slightly off center and open in the middle, updating the classic shape of the heart for a more contemporary feel.


These special heart pendants are often made from metals like gold, sterling silver and gold or silver plate and hang from a chain made of the same material. In addition to chains, they sometimes hang from a black cord. Some heart necklaces are embedded with diamond chips or other precious or semi-precious stones, while others are not.

Matching Accessories

If you like to wear matched sets, you should have no problem finding floating heart earrings to coordinate with your necklace. Many jewelry makers create floating heart earrings and necklace sets that look great whether worn together or separately. It's best to buy the pieces that are meant to go together for an exact match, since while most floating heart jewelry is similar, there are small differences between different brands.


What better way to say "I love you" than with a sweet heart necklace? A heart is the quintessential symbol of love and affection, recognized all around the world. Looking for a Valentine's Day gift? These special necklaces make the ideal gift for that special someone. Is Sweetest Day coming up? A heart necklace will be perfect. The giving of floating heart necklaces is a fantastic way to celebrate anniversaries, birthdays, graduation days or any special event that you and your loved one are celebrating. They can even be given for no occasion at all, just an unexpected surprise to let someone know how much they mean to you.


Necklaces with floating hearts are available in a range of prices to suit different budgets. A number of variables determine the prices of the different pieces. For example, the type of material that the necklace is made from will affect the price, with gold being more costly than silver, and silver more costly than silver plate. The size, quality and thickness of the chain can also influence the price of the necklace. Whether or not a gem is mounted on the heart affects cost, as well as what type of gem, the gem's quality and how many gems are included on the piece. Shop around and look at several different styles of heart necklaces in order to get the most value for your money.

Where to Buy

Look at jewelry shops, accessory stores and the jewelry counters of your nearby department stores for a sampling of floating heart styles. A simple search on your favorite search engine will yield the names of dozens of websites that deal in these delicate neckaces. As always, let the buyer beware when purchasing from internet sites - make sure you're dealing with a reliable, reputable company. Popular internet sites like Amazon.com and Overstock.com often carry heart necklaces and allow potential buyers to read comments left by those who have already bought an item, which gives a more complete picture of what you'll be getting.

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Floating Heart Necklaces for a Touch of Love