Flip Flop Necklace: How to Buy the Beachy Vibes

Striking and fun costume jewelry.

What better complement could there be to a summer outfit than flip flop beaded necklaces? These stylish necklaces look great teamed with a variety of summer styles.

Flip flop beaded necklaces are an unusual form of jewelry. Tiny beaded flip flops are worn as charms attached to a necklace or as a pendant. The are created in a wide range of colors and this means that can look great with many type of outfit. Flip flops are a staple part of summer wear. As such flip flop jewelry is well suited to the summer. It can also be worn in the winter, however, as a reminder of hot summer days and beach holidays.

Buying Flip Flop Beaded Necklaces

There are many different types of flip flop necklaces. When choosing a flip flop necklace there are a few things to consider:

  • Style - is the style to be fun and flirty or a more classic style? Many flip flop necklaces are costume jewelry made from a range of materials including plastic, acrylic, rhinestone and metal such as copper or stainless steel. These are perfect for people looking for low cost yet high fashion pieces of jewelry. There are, however, some styles that are created from precious metals such as gold and silver and these are ideal for someone looking to combine a quirky fashion design with traditional jewelry materials and methods.
  • Chain or thong - although pendants are traditionally hung from metal chain necklaces, many contemporary styles combine pendants with leather or rubber thong. This makes a cool and exciting alternative and is perfect for flip flop jewelry.
  • Color - color is a very personal choice. Beaded jewelry offers people the opportunity to pick colors in a way that is unique to this style of jewelry. Brightly colored glass beads, more muted natural beads or funky acrylic beads all present a wonderful opportunity to buy beaded jewelry in almost any color. Flip flop necklaces can look fantastic when combined with a birthstone. This makes for a special gift.
  • Design - another important consideration is the design of the necklace. A single pendant flip flop can look extremely striking, whereas small charms can be gathered together with great effect. Many flip flop necklace designs also have earrings, bracelets and other items as part of the range. This is useful for people who want to build up a set of flip flop jewelry.

Buying Online

It is possible to buy flip flop jewelry from fashion and jewelry stores as well as online retailers. Some online retailers include:

  • Amazon - this large online retailer sells a range of jewelry including flip flop jewelry. Many products qualify for free delivery and the retailer also offers customers the opportunity to give feedback on items purchased. This gives shoppers a useful insight into the experiences and views of others before committing to make a purchase.
  • Etsy - shoppers can find a wide range of jewelry items from a selection of online retailers at this shopping portal. This gives shoppers the opportunity to look at different designs and compare prices.
  • Angela Moore - this online jewelry store offers a variety of beautifully designed jewelry. Here you can find a beaded bracelet printed in a flip flop design.

Alternatives to Flip Flop Beaded Necklaces

An interesting alternative to beaded flip flop necklaces and charms is a necklace made from a recycled flip flop. While this may sound a little strange, some artisans have developed ways of making unusual and unique jewelry from discarded flip flops. These brightly colored necklaces are certainly a little different and combine high fashion with recycled flair. Recycled flip flop jewelry can be found online at stores such as Made With Love.

Flip flop jewelry can be a striking choice and act as a reminder of summer all year round.

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Flip Flop Necklace: How to Buy the Beachy Vibes