Fleur De Lis Sterling Earrings: 5 Spots to Buy From

Fleur de Lis

Celebrities everywhere have been seen recently sporting fleur de lis sterling earrings, leaving women wondering where they can find a pair of their own. Look no further! We'll briefly discuss the background of these hot items then point you toward websites where you can find the perfect pair of earrings.

What is a Fleur de Lis?

You might wonder what a fleur de lis is and what it symbolizes. It is believed that the fleur de lis was intended to represent an iris and it has long been associated with France and the French monarchy. Since around 500 AD, when French monarch Clovis converted to Christianity, the fleur de lis was used on the French king's coat of arms as a symbol of purity. Ever since then it has appeared in European coats of arms and on flags to indicate a connection to France. In North America, the fleur de lis can be seen on the flags of cities and regions that were settled by the French, like Quebec and New Orleans.

Where to Buy

If fleur de lis sterling earrings are what you're after, you'll be happy to know that there are all kinds of websites that sell these jewelry items. There are fleur de lis earrings for every taste - flashy, sophisticated, simple - you name it! Here are just some of the sites where you can find beautiful fleur de lis earrings:

  • Emitations - Look for a pair of small sterling silver dangle earrings with the fleur de lis suspended from a bar or for magnetic fleur de lis earrings embedded with cubic zirconia gems. There are even earrings with colorful cubic zirconia gems or sophisticated freshwater pearls dangling from the earrings. If you just can't get enough fleur de lis, Emitations sells fleur de lis rings and pendantstoo, so you can have a matching set of sterling fleur de lis jewelry.
  • QVC - Check discount shopping television network's website for great deals on sterling silver earrings. QVC offers a pair of dramatic earrings with large, pear shaped smoky quartz gems suspended from small, ladylike fleur de lis. The 12 ct total weight quartz gems are faceted and have a rich brown color.
  • Eve's Addiction - This website offers several attractive and unique fleur de lis jewelry designs, which can be found by running a search on the homepage for "fleur de lis." Take a look at the pair with large black cubic zirconia stones and embedded with small white ones. In this pair, the fleur de lis hangs from a hoop that goes through the ear and is also embedded with white stones. Or view the pair of half hoop earrings embedded with cubic zirconia with a fleur de lis emblem at the center of the hoop. If small and simple is more to your liking, a pair of sterling fleur de lis posts with just a hint of cubic zirconia sparkle might be just the thing. This site also has stunning rings and pendants available for a coordinated look.
  • HSN - The Home Shopping Network also offers fleur de lis sterling earrings for sale. They have drop earrings embedded with shiny marcasite stones with a faceted oval gemstone mounted in the center of the earrings. There is a choice of gemstone to satisfy your stone and color preferences. Alternatively, there is a set of simple drop earrings with an antique finish, available in silver tone or gold tone.
  • West Coast Jewelry - This website boasts an impressive array of fleur de lis jewelry, including several choices of sterling silver earrings. There are post earrings, dangle earrings, gemstone studded and plain. Some have an antique finish, while others are rhodium plated for added shine. Check it out!
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Fleur De Lis Sterling Earrings: 5 Spots to Buy From