Flat Spiral Bracelet: How to Buy or DIY

Spirals make interesting bead jewelry

Adorn your wrists with a flat spiral bracelet to add a fashionable finishing touch to any outfit!

If you want to liven up an outfit or to bring a bit of flair to your wrists, a beaded bracelet may be worth considering. There are many styles and designs of bracelet available that feature beads and one of the most popular is the flat spiral bracelet. This is a beaded bracelet that is created using a special beading stitch. The beads are strung and stitched together so that they lie flat rather than being formed to create a spiral shape. The design allows a range of different sizes and colors of beads to be showcased together to produce stunning results.

The flat spiral design is particularly suited to bracelets because it is comfortable to wear. This style of bracelet is also practical as it is less bulky and will not catch on other items.

Buying a Flat Spiral Bracelet

Many artisan bead workers use the flat spiral stitch in their work. For someone looking for some special jewelry this means that there is a wide range to choose from. Some websites that offer a good range of flat spiral bracelet designs include:

  • Etsy - This popular online handmade marketplace offers buyers the opportunity to find handmade items that have been created by artisans from around the world. There are a wide range of flat spiral beaded designs available in many price brackets. Many beaded jewelry makers are happy to make their designs in different colors, therefore this can be a good place to look if you are after something specific.
  • Artfire - This is another well-known handmade marketplace and has a range of flat beaded bracelets available.

In addition to bracelets, the flat spiral stitch is often used to make other types of jewelry such as necklaces or chokers. A set of jewelry which includes a bracelet and necklace can make an outstanding combination. Depending on the types pf beads used, the set may be worn for special occasions or may be versatile enough for everday wear.

Learning the Flat Spiral Stitch

While buying a piece of jewelry can give instant rewards, many people enjoy making their own beaded jewelry. Beaded jewelry can be undertaken at home using the minimum of special equipment. Making beaded jewelry is a great way to own a unique beaded bracelet and there is a rich variety of stunning beads available that will ensure that you create a piece of jewelry in colors that suit any style. The DIY option is also ideal for people whose wrist size is smaller or wider than average as it allows you to create your own custom size. The flat spiral stitch is a popular stitch amongst beaded jewelry makers and there are many ways to learn this interesting stitch. These include:

  • LiriGal -This site offers clear illustrated instructions explaining how to make the flat spiral stitch. This can be used to make bracelets and matching items of jewelry. The illustrations make this ideal for visual learners.
  • Auntie's Beads offers a video tutorial that clearly shows how to make this stitch. The video is in two parts.
  • Sova Enterprises - There is a seven page tutorial available on this site. This explains in detail the process of making this stitch.

In addition to online resources, many local craft stores run regular bead classes. This can be a good way to learn new stitches.

Whether you are going to buy a ready-made bracelet or want to make your own, the flat spiral stitch is a definite winner. The combination of colors and different sized beads stitched together using this attractive stitch gives a stunning final result.

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Flat Spiral Bracelet: How to Buy or DIY