Fingerprint Lockets: Guide to These Personal Pieces

fingerprint pendant

A fingerprint locket is not only unique, it is also a very personal and symbolic item of jewelry.

About Fingerprint Lockets

A standard locket is a pendant that can be opened and may be designed to include a picture, lock of hair, or other special memento. Lockets are typically made from gold, silver, or another jewelry metal and come in a wide range of designs. A fingerprint-type locket is a specialized type of this pendant that actually includes the one-of-a-kind imprint of a person's finger. Since no two fingerprints are alike, this jewelry is unlike any other.

Capturing the Imprint

The fingerprint for the jewelry is created from an ink or molded imprint of a child's or adult's finger. The print can be captured at a specialty jewelry shop that creates these types of lockets, or it can be done at home and shipped to a jeweler. Many companies that offer the lockets provide complimentary imprint kits when you order the locket.

This particular item of jewelry is a popular item for new mothers. An infant's fingerprint is often used for the creation of the locket; however, since this is a custom jewelry item, there are many other ways the prints can be used. Common renditions include the following:

  • Mother's and baby's fingerprints
  • Fingerprints of multiple children on one locket
  • Mother's, father's, and child(ren)'s prints
  • Baby's finger and toe print
  • Mother and daughter fingerprints

Parents may also want to create print lockets to give as a grandmother's or great-grandmother's gift.

Styles of Fingerprint-Type Lockets

As with most jewelry, you can choose from among different styles with your locket. The fingerprint may be the focal point, or it may be the background for another design.

These are popular fingerprint styles:

Different sizes are also available, ranging from small to large. Designs may include the addition of faux, precious, or semi-precious gemstones.In addition to the fingerprint, styles may also incorporate other motifs, such as the following:

  • Religious symbols like crosses
  • Depictions of baby items, such as teddy bears or blocks
  • Initials or names
  • Hearts
  • Roses or other flowers
  • Mother and child silhouettes
  • Birthstones

The cost of the particular locket will depend on the type of metal, any stones or additional designs, and the exact design of the piece. Since these are personalized, you can expect to pay more than you would for a standard locket.

Where to Purchase

Since fingerprint-style lockets are a specialty jewelry item, you may not be able to find them everywhere. Your local jeweler may be able to create one, or you can check online jewelry shops such as the following that specialize in customized or mother's jewelry. Check what is included with the pendant purchase, as some jewelers may sell the locket ad chain together, and some may require a separate purchase for the matching chain.

  • Imprint on My Heart: This specialty jewelry store focuses on fingerprint jewelry of many types. Lockets are available in petite through extra large sizes in heart, circle, or oval shapes. If requested, the company will encase a lock of hair, photo, or other memento in resin in the locket. They also offer the addition of diamonds and gemstones to the design.
  • Favorite Jewelry: Dedicated to jewelry that celebrates family, Favorite Jewelry offers of mother's necklaces and lockets, including fingerprint styles.
  • Sue Ella's Signatures: This custom jeweler has many creative styles of fingerprint jewelry, including fingerprint dog tags for men. Locket styles include styles with the fingerprint encased in the locket or etched on the surface.
  • Starfield Bay: For a less-traditional locket style, Starfield Bay will create a fingerprint charm and encase it in a clear glass locket.

A sentimental and treasured jewelry item, a fingerprint locket is an original piece of jewelry that celebrates the love of family. Whether you purchase one as a gift or simply as a reminder of your most precious loved ones, it will become a priceless heirloom.

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Fingerprint Lockets: Guide to These Personal Pieces