8 Exotic Ring Ideas to Inspire Your New Bling

Exotic ring

Exotic rings can make a statement about your personal style or serve as a conversation starter. The jewelry can be exotic because of an unusual gemstone or sometimes because of the design of the ring. Jewelry can be a way for the wearer to make a statement about her own personal styles, tastes, and interests. Since everyone sees what you wear on your hands, a unique ring can draw attention.

Ideas for Exotic Rings

Many people want to wear distinctive pieces but aren't sure where to start. Think of your interests, personality, lifestyle, and more for ideas. Bright or unusual colors can make a ring distinctive. Choosing alternative materials to standard gold and silver can also lend an exotic feel to a ring. Custom engraving or design can additionally make a ring stand out like no other.

Look for interesting combinations that strike you, and use your own style as a drawing point. If you love flamboyant jewelry, large rings with bright gems might be your choice in ring exoticism. If you're looking for something quieter, but still unusual, try simple but interesting rings made with wood or shell.

Need more inspiration? Following are a few ideas for rings you won't see every day.

Byzantine 18K Gold Ring

In ancient times, rings were worn to shown class or rank. This ring is a replica of the days of emperors and kingdoms. Gold with interwoven links and a wide band, the Byzantine ring runs under $300.00.

Intricate Rose Gold Ring

The pretty and feminine rose ring is perfect as a gift for Mother's Day or any woman's birthday. It's made with famous Black Hills gold and features a beautiful rose in full bloom surrounded by leaves and other accents. This ring runs around $300.00.

Big Exotic Rings

Big rings are sure to catch people's eyes. Overstock.com offers an affordable smokey topaz ring with a scroll design, yellow-gold clad sterling silver band. It's a real show stopper and runs around $80.00.

Indian Rings

Indian jewelry has long been known for being exotic and distinctive. The use of unusual gemstones such as tiger eye, moonstone, and prehnite create eye-catching looks. In addition, the rings are often fashioned into large unusual shapes and styles that include huge ovals or serpentine weaving of precious metals.

Simple Bands

Boone Titanium Rings have a seamless bands inlaid with exotic materials such as SuperConductor. The company also offers simple bands with engraved designs or engraving with color. A few of their bands have gemstones melded into the band as well. These exotic rings start around $300.00

Snake Rings

More popular than ever, snake rings come in a variety of shapes, styles and price ranges. Traditionally, these rings are given as a gift that symbolizes good fortune and health. Snake rings were popular in the 1800s and often worn with serpentine bangles.

Antique Rings

Family heirlooms can create a lot of interest and opportunity to tell others about the favorite relative who bequeathed the jewelry. The painstaking time and care put into creating items in times gone by often make them far lovelier than any modern reproduction, although some replicas do come close. In addition, an antique piece will have special meaning.

Hand Created Designs

There are many different jewelry designers who create one-of-a-kind handmade designs. These rings come in a wide variety of styles to suit every need. To find local artists and view their designs, try craft fairs. Many artists also sell their creations online at sites such as Ebay. Exotic Glimmerings is one such Ebay store with a wide variety of exotic rings and other jewelry pieces.

Exotic Engagement

Unless you are absolutely certain the woman of your dreams wants a unique ring, then it is probably best to stick with tried and true diamonds. However, if your potential bride-to-be is on board for an exotic ring to mark your engagement, there are many alternatives available. Here are a few ideas:

  • Matching Celtic Rings
  • Traditional Diamond in a Unique Setting
  • Platinum Instead of Gold
  • Unusual Gemstones

Today's trend is to set aside traditional jewelry and look for something unique and personal. No matter what style of ring you choose, be it a traditional or exotic ring, be sure it reflects your own character and tastes and is something you'll be comfortable wearing for many years to come.

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8 Exotic Ring Ideas to Inspire Your New Bling