7 Earrings for Men to Show Off Your Style

Earrings for Men


Earrings for men come in a wide range of styles and materials. From small hoops to diamond studs, earrings can complete a man's look and add a stylish touch. Wearing earrings is a way for a man to show his individual style, no matter what it may be.

Simply Studs


Many men prefer a simple diamond stud earring. This style of earring is understated and can be worn with anything from casual clothes to suits.

Edgy Hoops


A thick silver hoop earring gives an edgier look and is eye-catching. This style of earring works well for casual days or for a night out at the clubs. A chunkier earring would not be appropriate for professional settings.

Two of a Kind


Why settle for one earring when you can have two? There is no rule for men on wearing one or two earrings. Wear what you like and feel comfortable in. A small hoop in each ear is a popular look for men and looks great with a variety of clothes.

Statement Maker


A large earring such as this diamond stud will surely make a statement. Many sports figures, musicians, and other celebrities show off their wealth by wearing noticeable bling. Choose a bold earring whenever you are in the mood to get noticed.

Express Yourself


Try an earring done in a black metal such as the one seen here. Earrings come in endless shapes, colors, and sizes and can be changed to reflect whatever mood you are feeling.

Funky Men's Earrings


Mix it up and wear a variety of earrings in your ear. If you have more than one piercing, why not use different earrings for a unique look? A simple hoop, a stud, and an earring done in a funky shape can be worn together and will look great. Experiment with different earrings until you find the look you desire.

Signature Style


There is no reason that you can't wear the same earrings each day. Earrings for men come in a range of styles, and it is easy to find the style that is right for you. A simple hoop with a beaded end might be your signature look, or if you want something flashy, choose a hoop embellished with diamonds.

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7 Earrings for Men to Show Off Your Style