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Cheese grater earring holder

Nothing is more frustrating than realizing you can't find the mate to your favorite pair of earrings. No matter how large or small your earring collection is, proper organization is essential for storing and protecting your earrings. Earring organizers come in a wide range of styles you can purchase in stores and online, or you can get creative and make your own organizer. Either way, you'll be able to end the frustration and find your favorite earrings anytime you wish.

Earring Organizers for Purchase

You may find a few earring organizers in stores around town, but in most cases, you best bet is shopping online. That way, you can choose the style and price point that's perfect for you.

Earring Trees

Earring trees offer a classic and decorative way to display and organize your earrings. Typically, these sculptures are in the shape of a tree, and the earrings hang from the branches. They work best for earrings with French hooks or loops, since many post-style earrings will slip through the loops in the branches. Consider one of these lovely and practical options:

  • Autumn Branches Earring Tree - This offering from Ten Thousand Villages is crafted from up to 30 percent reclaimed or recycled materials and is produced using fair trade practices. It's a work of art, perfect for displaying up to 40 pairs of earrings on top of your dresser or vanity. The recycled iron and copper branches have loops and holes for attaching the earrings. It retails for about $44.
  • Etsy Earring Tree - This wire tree has curled branches which allow it to store your entire collection of hook earrings. Each tree is made to order, so you can let the artist know how many pairs you want to hang. This affordable option retails around $36.

Rotating Earring Racks

A rotating rack is another great option for displaying your earring collection. Similar to the kind of display you might see in a jewelry or accessories store, this type of rack allows you to view your entire collection at one time. Most rotating racks work for both post and hook earrings. One of the following options may be perfect for your needs:

  • Copper color rotating earring holder
    Copper color rotating earring holder from Amazon.com
    Copper Color Rotating Earring Holder - This rack from Amazon.com has space to store and display up to 92 pairs of earrings. With a touch of your hand, you can spin the round earring tower to see the earrings you've placed on the other side. It retails for about $17.
  • Natural Wood Rotating Earring Display - Sold by NILE Jewelry, this attractive display is made of wood and can store up to 100 pairs of earrings. It turns on a lazy susan-style base so you can see your entire collection. This display retails for about $20.
  • Copper Earring Display - This rack from Cheap Wholesale Jewelry is crafted of copper-colored metal and is in the shape of a cube. It spins on a three-legged base and can hold up to 96 pairs of earrings. It retails for just over $40.

In-Drawer Organizers

In-drawer organizers are another great way to keep track of your earring collection. Typically, these take the form of small, divided trays. You can place the tray in a shallow drawer and even stack several trays together for layers of storage. Try one of these products to store your earrings this way:

  • Ampersand Gold Stackable Jewelry Tray - Sold by Bed, Bath, and Beyond, this handy tray has 15 compartments for storing earrings. The outside of the tray is covered in gold-colored faux leather, and the inside features a soft taupe velvet. You can stack multiple trays of this type for more storage capacity. Each tray retails for about $10.
  • Small clear jewelry organizer from Organize-It
    Small clear jewelry organizer from Organize-It
    Small Clear Jewelry Organizer - This offering from Organize-it is also stackable, giving you plenty of versatile storage options. It's made of clear acrylic and has 20 compartments of various sizes for different types of earrings. It retails for about $10.
  • Neatnix Earring Organizer - With 36 compartments of different shapes and sizes, this organizer from SpaceSavers is a great choice for a large earring collection. The gray flocked lining protects your earrings from scratches, and you can stack multiple organizers to expand your storage space. It retails for about $20.

Do-It-Yourself Earring Organizers

If you're feeling crafty and want a custom organizer for your earrings, you can make your own. One of these projects may be perfect for your needs.

Earring Picture Frame


You'll need the following tools and supplies to make an earring organizer out of a pretty picture frame:

  • 11x14 or larger frame in a color and style you like
  • Eight small screws with eyes
  • Picture-hanging wire
  • Ribbon in your choice of color
  • Cordless drill
  • Wire cutters
  • Measuring tape
  • Pencil


  1. Begin by removing the backing and the glass from the picture frame.
  2. Turn the frame over so the front of it is lying on your work surface.
  3. Starting near the top of the frame opening, make marks down the long side of the frame, spacing the marks every three inches.
  4. Choose a drill bit that matches your eye screws, and drill holes in each of the marks you made.
  5. By hand, screw in the eye screws until they are secure in the frame.
  6. Twist one end of the picture-handing wire around one of the top eye screws to secure it. Extend the wire to the corresponding eye screw on the other side of the frame. Pull it tight and secure it.
  7. Repeat with each set of eye screws.
  8. Cover each span of wire with a piece of ribbon, securing both ends to the eye screws.
  9. Hang the frame on the wall.

Hook your earrings over the wires to display them. You can insert your post earrings into the ribbons.

In-Drawer Stud Earring Organizer


Gather the following tools and supplies to make this simple stud organizer:

  • Piece of one-inch thick Styrofoam sized to fit your drawer
  • Scrap of this fabric, such as cotton lawn or gauze
  • Glue gun and glue sticks
  • Scissors


  1. Cut the fabric scrap so that it is about two inches longer than the Styrofoam piece in each direction.
  2. Spread the fabric out on your work surface and lay the Styrofoam piece in the center of it.
  3. Use the glue gun to place a bead of hot glue along one edge of the Styrofoam piece.
  4. Carefully fold the fabric up and press it down tightly to secure it on this edge.
  5. Repeat with all four edges, pulling the fabric taught as you work.
  6. Allow the organizer to dry, and then flip it over and place it in your drawer.

To insert earrings, simply remove the back of the stud and press the post end into the fabric-covered Styrofoam.

Pegboard Earring Holder


This project looks more complicated than it is. You'll need the following supplies to get started:

  • Sturdy, empty picture frame, 16x20 or larger
  • Pegboard from the hardware store
  • Construction adhesive
  • High gloss spray paint in a pretty color
  • Picture-hanging wire
  • Pencil
  • Circular saw


  1. Remove the backing from the picture frame and set the frame and the glass aside.
  2. Place the backing on top of the pegboard, and trace around it with the pencil.
  3. Use the circular saw to cut just inside the lines your traced on the pegboard.
  4. Try slipping the pegboard into the frame to see if it fits, and adjust as needed.
  5. Discard the glass and the backing of the frame. Flip the frame over so the front of it is face-down on your work surface.
  6. Run a bead of construction adhesive all around the inside edge of the frame.
  7. Carefully place the pegboard into the frame without smearing the construction adhesive; press firmly to help it adhere.
  8. Place something heavy on top of the pegboard while it dries.
  9. When the construction adhesive is dry, spray pain the entire frame in your desired color using multiple light coats.
  10. When the paint has dried, use picture-hanging wire to make a hanging loop on the back of the frame.

Insert your earrings into the holes in the pegboard to display and organize them.

Repurposing Household Objects

You can also make a very simple earring organizer by repurposing these household objects:

  • Place a standing cheese grater on your dresser and hook the earrings through the holes.
  • To make an in-drawer organizer, tear off the top portion of an egg carton and place earrings in the space for the eggs.
  • Place pretty tea cups and other small dishes in a drawer and hook earrings along the rims of each, allowing post earrings to rest inside the containers.
  • Put an ice cube tray inside a drawer and use the cube compartments for different pairs of earrings
  • Place pairs of earrings through the holes in large buttons to help keep them together.

Bring Order to Your Collection

All it takes to bring order to your earring collection is the right organization system. Whether you choose to purchase an organizer or make your own at home, you'll soon be able to see your entire collection and find the earrings you need.

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