Earring Box Types to Hold Your Tiny Treasures

Black leather earring box

Anyone who has spent valuable time rummaging around the bottom of a drawer looking for the other half of a pair of evenings that are just 'perfect' for a special occasion will know the importance of keeping them safe in an earring box.

Why You Need an Earring Box

An earring box is a special jewelry case that is specifically designed to keep earrings safe and secure. Each box will contain special storage compartments to hold earrings of all types and styles. The box might also form part of a jewelry box set, which includes other boxes to keep specific jewelry items in, or it may be a single box just to keep earrings in.

Unlike other jewelry types, earrings have some unique features that make them difficult to look after. These include:

  • Size - earrings are typically small meaning that they can quite easily get lost or fall out of jewelry boxes. Even long dangling or hoop earrings can get caught up with other items and separated from their twin.
  • Wires and Pins - the wires and pins can get bent or twisted and these can spoil the earrings. Butterfly clips also often fall off ear wires and finding an ear pin with no means of fastening it can be a frustrating experience.
  • Hygiene - as the ear wire or pin is worn through the ear it is also important that they are kept free from contamination. Dirty earrings can cause infections or allergies that are irritating at best and can be painful and long lasting if not treated.
  • Value - some earrings are valuable, whether in monetary terms or in sentiments and it is important to keep them safe.

Types of Earring Boxes

An earring box can be found to suit all tastes. From tiny discrete wooden boxes to larger, more ornate versions the range of choice is vast. Some people like to keep their jewelry boxes tucked away in drawers, whereas other people like the fact that highly decorated jewelry boxes are tiny works of art in their own right.

  • Wood - wooden boxes have a timeless style and the natural finish of wood, combined with fine workmanship make these a lovely jewelry box type. Wood can be found in the deep dark browns of oak and mahogany through to the light pale creams of pine. Many wooden jewelry boxes can be found at craft stores and often these will have been formed from wood that has come from a sustainable development program.
  • Metal - metal earring boxes sometimes are fitted with small locks making these excellent for travel when it is important to keep special earring safe.
  • Ceramic - lovely ceramic boxes and containers are wonderful for keeping earrings in. These can be found hand made by artisan potters, who have created the boxes from clay. Each box is slightly different reflecting the unique nature of the craft.
  • Other -other materials include plastic and acrylic. These can be found in a variety of colors and styles and the ease of production means that these are often reasonably priced. Plastic and acrylic boxes are available in a wide range of colors and styles, meaning that there is likely to be a box to match most decors.

Buying Boxes For Earrings

Many jeweler stores will offer a choice of earring boxes. These can also be found in general gift shops and in online stores. Some good stores that offer boxes for storing earrings include:

  • Amazon.com - This plush black box has compartments to hold 35 pairs of earrings.
  • Wayfair - This company offers a faux leather box with a clear top which gives you an easy view of up to 25 pairs of earrings.
  • JCPenney - This multi-drawer box offers storage for dozens of pairs of earrings plus space for watches, bracelets and more.


Alternative earring boxes can be made out of just about anything. Gift boxes that once contained special gifts, or even chocolate and candy boxes can be adapted to contain jewelry and earrings. These hand made earring boxes are a lovely way to keep earrings safe while using containers that hold other special memories. Tiny biscuit tins or even match boxes also make good alternatives and these can be covered in paper or fabric so they co-ordinate with other items.

Other Types of Earring Holders

In addition to boxes, other earring organizers include earring trees or holders. These are often formed with arms that hold earrings and allow them to be displayed safely and attractively. These earring holders are designed to stand on dressing tables and form an attractive decoration in their own right. They are found in traditional styles or are sometimes given a contemporary twist. Clear acrylic earring holders are popular as they combine clean strong lines with a transparent finish, which gives an illusion of the earrings being suspended from thin air.

Keeping earrings safely stored means that the perfect pair of earrings will always be on hand!

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Earring Box Types to Hold Your Tiny Treasures