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Don’t Tame My Heart Necklace: Show Your Independence

One of a kind designer jewelry.

If you are looking for a 'don't tame my heart' necklace, small jewelry shops or custom jewelers are your best bet.

Sentiments from Sappho

Ancient Greek poet Sappho iterated the words "don't tame my heart" in her poem 1, which calls upon Aphrodite to help her win her lover -- she doesn't want her heart to be broken (tamed) through pain. Isn't that the way we all want it? (For more on Sappho's writings, visit This is just one of many places where this phrase might have inspired jewelry. Ancient Greek necklace reproductions can signify a connection to this view of love and are available at shops like Greek Jewelry Shop.

Necklaces Symbolizing Don't Tame My Heart Sentiments

Make a statement that shows independence and a desire for a wild heart! The following necklaces have a strong message that showcases the wearer's desire to be left 'untamed,' or perhaps, let love find them despite their wild side.

  • Maggie Now Custom Design Jewelry: This jewelry shop, filled with unique, meaning-filled jewelry, includes a necklace inspired by dancer Isadora Duncan. The Isadora silver domed necklace echoes Duncan's sentiments of indepenence, marked with "You were wild once, don't let them tame you."
  • Animal print heart necklaces, like this design from Bold & Honest, also represent the symbolism of an untamed heart.
  • Dragon Weave Jewelry offers a beautiful Coeur Sauvage ("wild heart") necklace that features a dark and light dragon entwined with a beautiful heart.

Custom Necklaces

A few words on a necklace or other item of jewelry can be a great way to make a statement. It is also ideal for creating a piece of jewelry that is totally unique. However, sometimes finding the right words on the perfect piece of jewelry can be difficult. Many people, for instance, who look for a 'don't tame my heart' necklace end up disappointed as the range is small or there is a limited choice. This needn't mean that this type of jewelry should remain out of reach. There are many interesting and exciting options that will ensure that you can create your own unique jewelry complete with the words of your choice.


One of the best ways to display words on jewelry is through engraving. Many types of jewelry can be engraved. Necklaces, pendants, rings and bracelets are all suitable for engraving. This can be a great way to display words such as 'don't tame my heart'. Traditionally jewelry made from metal such as gold and silver was engraved. Modern engraving methods, such as laser engraving mean that many other materials can be engraved. Leather, acrylic and other materials can all be engraved with a laser engraver and this opens up a range of exciting opportunities for someone looking to customize jewelry with a few words.

While many different types of jewelry can be engraved, the words will be most striking on plain designs. A phrase such as 'don't tame my heart' is quite short and would look great on a heart shaped pendant as well as more traditional necklace items.

Alphabet Beads

Alphabet beads are very popular right now and are great for spelling out names or phrases. One great idea for someone looking for a 'don't tame my heart' necklace would be to spell the words out using alphabet beads. These can be strung onto leather cord for a trendy look or onto silk cord for a more elegant style. This gives a wide range of style options and means that the necklace could be suitable for men and women.

Tips for Creating a Don't Tame My Heart Necklace

Here are some tips to help you create the perfect necklace:

  • Always write the words down before getting them engraved on a piece of jewelry. This will help to avoid any confusion or misunderstandings.
  • Ask the engraver to show examples of different fonts or type faces as this can give a very different look to a piece of jewelry.
  • When commissioning a custom piece of jewelry, keep a scrapbook of jewelry and styles that you like and those that you hate. This will help the jeweler to know your style and create something that reflects your tastes.

A special item of jewelry, such as a 'don't tame my heart' necklace, may be difficult to find in stores however with a little thought and preparation, it is easy to create your own unique jewelry which features a special few words of phrases.

Don’t Tame My Heart Necklace: Show Your Independence