Guide to Getting Discounted Garnet Rings & Jewelry

Garnet gold ring

Discount garnet rings and jewelry are a great way to add to your jewelry collection at a fraction of the cost of retail prices.

Garnet Gemstones

Garnet jewelry is a popular choice when it comes to rings and just about any other type of jewelry. The traditional deep red color gives a flair of romance and is a great January birthstone gift or holiday jewelry choice.

It might be difficult to believe, but garnets have been used as decorative gemstones since the Bronze Age. The word "garnet" means "dark red," but you may be surprised to discover that garnets also come in a variety of colors. You can find orange, green, blue, black, yellow, pink, and clear garnets. Green garnets are rarer finds, so you should expect to pay more for this color. There are a few varieties of garnet that appear to change color with different types of light. For example, a light yellow garnet can appear to change into a light raspberry. A recent garnet deposit in Kenya has yielded what's being termed as tri-colored garnets.

About Discount Garnet Rings and Jewelry

Be sure to check with coupon sites like Retail Me Not for special garnet jewelry coupons during the months of December and January, when retailers and discount stores offer greater savings with holiday or birthday specials.

There are several things you want to consider when shopping for quality discount garnet jewelry:

  • The intensity of color is always more vivid in expensive gems, while cheaper garnets can have lighter hues. Depending on the color intensity you have in mind, you may be able to buy lighter shades for less money.
  • Many times lighter colored or lower quality stones are coated, heated, or treated with a dye to enhance and darken them. Before purchasing your garnet jewelry find out if the stones have been treated in any way. Gemstone enhancement is an accepted practice, especially for discounted gemstones.
  • As with any gemstone, the clarity scale is defined by the inclusions (flaws) and is also a factor in determining price. The higher the stone clarity, the fewer inclusions and the higher the price will be. Where the inclusion occurs is also significant, since inclusions can interfere with the refraction of light in the facets.
  • Pay attention to the quality of the cut, since not all stone cuts are equal. Some garnets gems are discounted due to a poor cut, which prevents the stone from reflecting light.
  • Carat size can be misleading when it comes to quality. You may discover a one-carat garnet at a great discounted price, but the quality might be sub-standard. You can expect to find quite a few discounted smaller-sized garnets, since larger and non-traditional cuts are more expensive.
  • If you're shopping at a discount brick and mortar jewelry store, you have the advantage of comparing one garnet ring to another. However, you may have more options for comparison shopping online, giving you a better chance of getting a great deal.

Choosing Garnet Jewelry

Now that you know what to watch for in discount garnet jewelry, it's time to choose a piece that's perfect for you:

  • Garnet rings come in a variety of settings, styles, and metal options. You'll find everything from simple single-stone garnet rings to designs featuring garnets accented by other gemstones, diamonds, or cubic zirconia.
  • Garnet bracelets range from typical tennis styled ones to designs featuring heart-shaped gemstones. A fun design style uses garnet beads with gold or silver spacers. Some bracelets are a mix of garnets and diamonds or other gemstones. Bangle bracelets often feature a garnet as a center stone in various designs that can include Celtic knots and artistic creations.
  • If gold chains and pendants are your style, you'll love the many elegant garnet pendant designs. Diamonds, pearls, and other gemstones are often combined with garnet center stones or pendants. Sterling silver marcasite is a very popular necklace design choice, and you can often find this style at affordable discount prices.
  • If brooches are your passion, then you're in for a treat when shopping for discount garnet jewelry. Often brooches feature an animal or figure motif with a garnet accent or center stone design. Look for discount brooches just after the holidays, since pins are a popular holiday jewelry choice.
  • Garnet anklets can also be fun, and they often go on sale after the summer jewelry season is over. Choose a garnet winged butterfly or an oval garnet-bodied bee anklet. Diamonds, gold or silver beads, and other gemstones are often included in the designs for glittery anklet fun.

Shopping for Discount Garnet Jewelry

If you're looking for a good deal, your choices may be limited at brick and mortar stores. However, shopping locally gives you the advantage of seeing and trying on the actual ring before purchasing it. Examining a piece in person can be very important when buying discount jewelry. If you choose to shop online, be sure the store offers a fair return policy if the piece doesn't meet your expectations.

When you're ready to browse for some good deals, try the following Internet retail sites:

Shop Around for the Best Deals

The key to successfully buying discount garnet rings and jewelry is to shop around before making a purchase. Explore various Internet auction sites and Overstock for the best deals. Make sure you read the description and understand what you're purchasing before placing an order so you end up with a great purchase at a fantastic price.

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Guide to Getting Discounted Garnet Rings & Jewelry