Amethyst and Diamond Band for a Classy Pop of Color

Diamond and Amethyst Bands
Diamond and Amethyst Bands

A diamond and amethyst band is one of the most exquisite gemstone ring combinations available. Sparkling diamonds set next to deep rich amethyst gemstones look absolutely stunning together, making your ring one that you will enjoy wearing for many years to come.

The Special Meaning of a Diamond and Amethyst Ring

The combination of diamonds, amethyst and gold is not only beautiful to look at, but together they have a special meaning. Diamonds stand for love and amethyst stands for sincerity. The gold the gemstones are set into stands for eternity. When all three are combined into one beautiful band, the ring stands for love and sincerity for eternity.

A Diamond and Amethyst Ring for Any Occasion

Naturally there are times when a diamond and amethyst ring is given for special occasions. This type of ring is often given as an anniversary gift to signify a couple's everlasting love for one another. It also makes an excellent choice for a couple renewing their wedding vows. Some couples will even choose a band made of diamonds and amethyst as their wedding band.

If you are fortunate enough to have a February birthday, you may even receive one as an extra special birthday gift. Perhaps, you will receive one - just because. Whatever the reason, once you put a beautiful diamond and amethyst band on your finger you will want to wear it forever.

Places for Custom Made Amethyst and Diamond Bands

Types of Precious Metal for Your Amethyst and Diamond Band

Antique Style Amethyst Ring

There are several types of precious metals that you can use in your amethyst and diamond band.


The most common type is gold. Diamonds and amethyst gemstones look striking when set in a golden band. The two main considerations when choosing gold for your ring setting are the gold karat and the gold color.The karat gold that you choose for your band actually refers to the amount of gold in your ring. Pure gold is usually not used in jewelry, because it is too soft. Silver or copper is generally mixed with the gold to make the metal stronger. The amount of pure gold in the mixture determines the karat of the gold. The lower the karat gold the more durable than metal becomes. The various gold karats include:

  • 24K gold - which is pure gold
  • 18K gold - which is 75% gold
  • 14K gold - which is 58.3% gold
  • 12K gold - which is 50% gold
  • 10K gold - which is 41.7% gold

There are several different colors of gold to choose from for your diamond and amethyst ring. The different colors are caused by the metal alloys that are mixed with the pure gold. The most common colors of gold include yellow, white and rose.

Other Precious Metals

The choice of metal need not be limited to gold, other precious metals include:

Antique and Vintage Diamond and Amethyst Bands

There are many antique and vintage bands that are unique, elegant treasures from years past. Antique stores, estate sales and auctions often have diamond and amethyst rings that are unsurpassed in beauty and style.


Your band of diamond and amethyst gemstones will quickly become one of your favorite pieces of jewelry and will be passed down to future generations as a family heirloom.

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Amethyst and Diamond Band for a Classy Pop of Color