Designer Lockets: Top 7 Brands to Consider

heart locket

A designer locket offers a unique and stylish approach to this traditional style of pendant.

About Lockets

Since the Victorian era, lockets have been a special item of jewelry, beloved for their personalization and sentimental value. These treasured items were traditionally made in round, circular, or heart shapes, and they opened up to allow the wearer to place a lock of hair of photo inside the pendant.

Today, high and mid-level designers offer beautifully detailed lockets created in both traditional styles as well as fresh and innovative designs. Designer names are synonymous with quality and craftsmanship, so whether the piece is designed in a traditional or more modern style, you can expect jewelry that is beautiful and made to last.

Top Names in Designer Lockets

Although the number of jewelry brands that manufacture lockets is vast, there are a few names that stand out among the rest.

Tiffany Lockets

One of the most famous names in jewelry is Tiffany & Co., the premier jewelry that America has known and loved since 1837. The high quality and exquisite workmanship of Tiffany jewelry makes it a name that truly stands out. The first to establish standards for silver jewelry, the Tiffany name is one that is forever linked with luxury and top quality. Tiffany's lockets are crafted with sterling silver or 14k gold. Sought-after locket styles include the simple and stunning Tiffany Hearts, the popular Tiffany Heart Key locket, and the oval Tiffany Notes locket.

David Yurman Lockets

David Yurman's jewelry is made up of original designs and incredible attention to detail. This designer jewelry name is well-known among celebrities. The brand was established in the 1980s and continues to impress. David Yurman locket styles include the intricate Pave Diamond Tapestry, two-toned Cable-Cushion, and elegant Thoroughbred locket.

Juicy Couture Lockets

Founded in 1994, Juicy Couture is a designer name whose jewelry uses bold designs and trendy elements. Lockets from this name utilize the company's signature pink color, crown logo, and lots of sparkle for eye-catching and dramatic styles.

Chanel Lockets

Always synonymous with style, the house of Chanel was founded around 1910 with subversive jewelry by fashion icon Coco Chanel. The costume jewelry Chanel popularized has long been known for its classy appeal, and today the Chanel name still retains that element. You'll find a range of Chanel locket looks, from Chanel vintage oval logo lockets to modern locket cocktail rings like the Medallian ring.

Coach Lockets

Though they are best known for their handbags, Coach offers high quality accessories and jewelry as well. This all-American company was founded in 1941 and each season introduces new collections filled with fun yet sophisticated new styles. Among the types of lockets offered in past jewelry collections are locket key fobs, locket charms, and locket necklaces.

Swarovski Lockets

The king of exquisite crystals, Daniel Swarovski created a machine that revolutionized the crystal cutting process. Swarovski vintage lockets are accented with the crystals in designs like flowers, hearts, animals, and other motifs. Many modern jewelry artists also use Swarovski crystals in their handmade designs, so you can find a range of styles or request a particular design from a jeweler utilizing Internet marketplaces like Etsy.

Designer Artesian Lockets

Many lesser-known jewelers offer customized or handcrafted locket designs. These may feature imaginative designs or take inspirations from the vintage lockets of the Victorian era. Although you may not be sporting a brand-name logo when you purchase an artesian designer locket, the tradeoff is in the customization or unique design. Shops such as Copper Reflections or Krikawa offer unique lockets.

Beware of Counterfeit Designer Lockets

If you are in the market to purchase an authentic designer locket, be aware there are of the many counterfeit designer lockets. Tiffany in particular is often replicated; there are many websites claiming to offer Tiffany lockets that are actually counterfeit replicas. The best way to avoid purchasing a fake locket is to only purchase from an authorized retailer for the particular designer in whom you are interested.

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Designer Lockets: Top 7 Brands to Consider