Dangling Heart Pendants: Lovely Types & Materials

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Heart Pendant

Dangling heart pendants are available in a wide variety of styles, making them a popular item of jewelry.

The shape of a heart has long been used in jewelry. The heart signifies love and romance, making heart shaped jewelry a popular gift for lovers. The heart symbol lends itself to many jewelry items. The distinctive shape works well with both tiny, delicate items as well as big bold pieces meaning that it is a popular with jewelry designers who incorporate it into a variety of designs. One of the most popular pieces of heart jewelry is the dangling heart pendant.

Types of Dangling Heart Pendants

A dangling pendant is a pendant that hangs loose from a chain around the neck. This gives the pendant movement and allows light to reflect off the stones or metal.

Solid Heart Pendants

Solid heart pendants are a classic style of jewelry. These are hearts that are completely solid in shape. They may be set with gemstones or left plain. These pendants are typically hung from chains, however an interesting alternative is when the heart is drilled through the middle and hung on the chain this way.

Floating or Slide Heart Pendants

Floating or slide heart pendants are created from an outline of a heart. The chain is threaded through the center of the heart, meaning that the heart can slide around the chain. These are a popular style of jewelry.

Heart Locket Pendants

Another popular heart shaped pendant is the heart shaped locket. Lockets open up to allow pictures or photographs to be placed into the inner part. These are often of loved ones meaning that the heart shape takes on an even greater significance.


Heart shaped pendants can be made from virtually any type of material, ranging from the most precious of metals through to fun and funky plastics. The hearts are also often adorned with gemstones, diamonds or pearls.

Some of the most popular materials that heart shaped pendants are made from include:

Gold: Gold has a timeless elegance and gold hearts look wonderful. Gold is easy to look after and is long lasting. A popular variation on traditional yellow gold is white gold, and there are many contemporary styles that are created in this silvery while metal.

Silver: Silver has the advantage of being attractive, hard wearing and affordable making this a popular choice. Silver hearts can look fantastic with any outfit making them a versatile jewelry item.

Plated Metal: Heart pendants can be formed from gold or silver plated metal. This is an extremely affordable option, however it should be noted that the plating can wear off over time exposing the base metal underneath. It is important to ensure that the base metal is nickel free as it can cause skin allergies.

Gemstones: Heart pendants are often carved from gemstones. The wide variety of gemstone colors means that there is a whole palette of colors to chose from. Colors range from the palest of pinks found in rose quartz through to the deep blacks of onyx.

Other Materials: Heart pendants can be found in many other materials. Plastic and acrylic hearts are often available in bright and cheerful colors. The light nature of plastic and acrylic means that large items of jewelry can be made without being uncomfortable to wear.

Where to Buy Heart Pendants

Many high street jewelry stores will sell a range of heart pendants. In addition to this the internet is a good source of interesting jewelry items. Large online retailers such as eBay.com and Amazon.com will have a large selection, however some specialist online jewelry stores are also worth a look. These include:

Looking After Heart Pendants

With a little care, a heart pendant can give many years of pleasure and be a constant reminder of happy times. There are a few key steps to ensure that the pendant is kept in tip top condition:

  • Cleaning - Clean jewelry as required following any special instructions from the manufacturer.
  • Chain - Check the chain regularly for signs of wear and tear. If the chain breaks this may result in the loss of the pendant.
  • Storage - Store jewelry in acid free tissue paper when it is not being worn. This helps to keep precious metals from tarnishing.

A heart pendant is a wonderful and significant item of jewelry. It combines classic style with romance and love - what a fantastic combination!

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