20 Custom Jewelry Ideas to Add Your Personal Touch

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Creating custom jewelry is the perfect way to craft an elegant piece of jewelry but still incorporate personality and individuality into the design. There are many ways to customize jewelry, from simple selections to completely unique designs, and understanding how to create a beautiful design will help you choose the best custom piece for you.

What Is Customization?

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Simply put, customizing jewelry means making alterations to jewelry. There are actually two ways to create a custom piece:

  1. Alter an existing piece of jewelry to incorporate custom elements.
  2. Create a piece of jewelry from scratch with the help of an independent designer.

Creating custom rings, necklaces, or other types of jewelry is a way to express personality and style in a unique and elegant fashion. Whether you are interested in a custom piece because nothing available matches your style, you want to be drastically different, or you are interested in a one-of-a-kind item for yourself or as a gift for that special someone, it is easy to add your own flair to any type of jewelry.

Ways to Customize Jewelry

Many types of jewelry can easily be customized either after they have been created or right from the first inspiration of design. Generally speaking, larger pieces such as rings and necklaces are easier to make alterations to, while small earrings can be more difficult to personalize, particularly after they are already crafted. The ideas below are just a starting point: if you can envision a custom jewelry piece, you should be able to find an artistic jeweler to make your vision a reality.


Many types of rings are easy to customize - in fact, class rings and family or mother's rings are invariably customized with different gem selections and design elements. Ways to customize rings include:

  • Choosing unique metals such as rose gold or colored titanium.
  • Opting for unique gems like turquoise, opal, or alexandrite instead of more common rubies, emeralds, sapphires, or diamonds.
  • Engraving either the interior or exterior of the ring.
  • Adding accent stones to solitaire rings.
  • Choosing an unusual stone shape such as an Asscher or trilliant.
  • Using birthstones for additional layers of symbolism.
  • Choosing a combination setting that presents gemstones in a unique way.

Of course, if you design your ring from scratch, you will have the greatest control over the custom jewelry. Before beginning, however, be sure to investigate what makes a quality piece of jewelry and what types of designs may look best on the ring's intended finger to be sure the result is appropriate.


Necklaces are customized far less frequently than rings, but there are still several options available for a unique piece of jewelry, including:

  • Mix-and-matching the chain with a pendant for different colors or styles.
  • Adjusting the length of the chain to best suit the wearer.
  • Layering contrasting necklaces for a richer textural look.
  • Combining different styles of small chains into a larger long chain with different textures.
  • Use an unusual object as a pendant, such as a ring that no longer fits.


Charm bracelets

Most basic types of bracelets cannot be customized, but there are several ways to add personal style to the piece while still preserving its beauty and elegance.

  • Combine too-small bracelets into a larger bracelet or to use as an anklet.
  • Turn a plain bracelet into a charm bracelet with small hooks or clasps (available at craft stores).
  • Reset gems in a diamond tennis bracelet to create a unique diamond and gemstone pattern.
  • Braid long bracelets together to create a thicker, customized look.


Earrings are customized least of all, but with a clever sense of style it is still possible to create beautiful custom pieces.

  • Layer hook earrings by sliding a second hook earring into the loop of the first hearing.
  • Wear coordinating but different earrings in each ear, particularly if you wear an off-centered hairstyle.
  • Attach small charms or pendants to hoop earrings.
  • Pierce your ear more than once to be able to wear simple studs or gems that coordinate with more elaborate earrings in the same ear.

Cost of Customization

Depending on the type of customization and the quality of the piece, custom jewelry may be just a few dollars more than a standard piece (for basic engraving, for example), or it may cost thousands of dollars for a completely unique designer piece with high-quality precious metal and gemstones. The more intricate the customization, the more expensive the work will be, and naturally the quality of the metal and gems will affect the price as well.

Why Buy Custom Jewelry?

Venture into any jewelry store and you will find thousands of pieces of jewelry, many with a range of options for simple alterations. With so many designs available, why bother to customize a piece? Custom jewelry is not only unique, but it is also a very personal gift created with just one individual in mind. That makes it perfect to celebrate an engagement, birthday, anniversary, or other special occasion. Furthermore, by creating a custom piece, you ensure that it matches your sense of style and individuality impeccably, and the allure of the custom ring, necklace, or other jewelry will not fade as more people pick up on trends or particularly hot designs.

Custom jewelry is both easy to find and a difficult creative process. By recognizing how different types of jewelry can be customized and what that customization can symbolize, it is possible to create a one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry that will be both meaningful and stylish for years to come.

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20 Custom Jewelry Ideas to Add Your Personal Touch