Crop Circle Jewelry for the Paranormal Believer

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Both people interested in the paranormal and lovers of unusual jewelry designs will find that crop circle jewelry has much to offer.

About Crop Circles

Crop circles are an interesting phenomenon that have captivated people the world over for many years. Although there have been reports of crop circles dating back to the 1600s, it was not until the late 1990s that crop circles really started to grab the attention and imagination of people. Many crop circles have appeared in the South of England, in particular in Wiltshire. This are is also home to Stonehenge and is an area steeped in mysticism.

The crop circles appear in crop fields and intricate designs are formed. The designs are typically geometric, and part of the mysticism that surrounds them is the fact that the designs are so detailed and it is often impossible to determine how they have been created. While many crop circles have turned out to be hoaxes, there are still many people who believe that these interesting and stunning designs have not been created by humans.

Regardless of the truth behind this phenomenon, crop circle designs are often breathtaking. The designs are often striking and are a perfect source of inspiration for jewelry. Crop circle jewelry reflects the circlular designs and is an unusual form of jewelry which is suitable for everyone, not just those with an affection for the paranormal.

Types of Crop Circle Inspired Jewelry

Crop circle inspired jewelry includes pendants, earrings, bracelets and more. The crop circle designs are bold and they work well either etched into or cut out of metal. Silver and pewter are two popular choices for jewelry inspired by crop circles. Many items of crop circle themed jewelry also come with some history about the crop circle featured, including where it appeared and whether there are any other interesting facts connected to it.

One design that is often featured is a crop circle that appeared in Wiltshire in 1996. A Royal Air Force pilot reportedly flew over the field twice in a 45 minute period in daylight. On his first pass over the field there was no crop circle, however when he returned there was. This particular crop circle was formed from 151 smaller circles and stretched over an area of 10 acres. This iconic design is often featured in crop circle memorabilia and collectibles.

Buying Crop Circle Jewelry

It is possible to buy crop circle jewelry online. Jewelry makers from around the world have incorporated designs from crop circles into their work. Much jewelry featuring crop circles is only available in limited quantities or are one-of-a-kind designs. Some websites that offer an interesting range of crop circle designs include:

  • Etsy - Different crop circle themed pendants
  • Crop Circles - A website specializing in jewerly that features crop circle designs

Commissioning Crop Circle Themed Jewelry

In addition to buying ready-made jewelry with crop circles featured as part of the designs, it is possible to commission a special piece of jewelry to be made by an artisan jeweler. There are many websites that feature crop circle designs and these would make a good starting point for a unique piece of jewelry. This type of jewelry also makes a special gift. Google Images is a good source of crop circle photographs and illustrations.

Whether they are produced by man or by another power, crop circles are an interesting subject for jewelry and also serve as a great conversation piece.

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Crop Circle Jewelry for the Paranormal Believer