14 Cool Earring Styles (and Where to Get Them)

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A quick look at any cool earrings gallery will show you that there is a wide range of trendy, stylish earring designs to choose from for any occasion. Whether you want a tried-and-true cool look or are interested in more outrageous styles, there are earrings out there perfect for your look.

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Diamond Stud Earrings

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Diamond studs always add a flash of fire to any outfit. With a variety of shapes from round to princess to Asscher to star cuts, diamonds are a cool way to accent your ears.

Floating Earrings

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Floating gem earrings are a modern way to add casual sophistication to your jewelry. These earrings are designed with small gem set in an open design, giving them a carefree yet sophisticated appeal. Instead of gems, you can also find earrings that use small floating charms that you can personalize with your hobbies and other interests.

Colored Pearls

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Pearl earrings are always classic, but for a cooler look opt for uniquely colored pearls. Soft purple, ice blue, rich chocolate brown, and pale pink are popular and unique shades for pearls that can be both classic and modern at the same time.

String Earrings

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String earrings are a sleek alternative to French hooks or heavy clasps. The long metal string or chain that is drawn through the ear gives these earrings a delicate and trendy appearance without sacrificing safety or security.

Tumbled Stones

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Instead of smoothly faceted stones, one of the most popular earring trends is to use clusters or strings of tumbled rocks. Many unique rocks and crystals, such as hematite, jade, quartz, and moonstone are used in these elegant designs, and their natural appeal makes them perfect for either elegant or casual wear.

Unique Gemstones

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Diamonds don't come in just white, and choosing colored diamonds can turn ordinary earrings into cool, upbeat designs. Black diamonds are a great contrast to white gems, or choose a bit of bold color with diamonds in pink, blue, yellow, chocolate, or champagne hues.

Porcelain Earrings

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Nothing is cooler than the chic vintage look you can find with porcelain earrings. Both roses and cameo designs are popular, and they come in a wide range of colors and styles to match any taste.

Stacked Beads

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Long earrings that are stacked with different sizes, colors, and textures of beads and gems are a wonderful way to bring a handcrafted look to your jewelry. Materials often used in these types of earrings include bronze, pearls, crystals, wood beads, and birthstones.

Retro Earrings

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Retro earrings are a fun way to be hip and cool from another era. Whether you prefer the bold geometry of the 1970s, the funky fluorescent colors of the 1980s, or the earth tones and sleek metals of the 1990s, retro styles can be a great look.

Skull Earrings

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Gothic earring designs have a cool ethereal, fantasy look to them. Skulls, dragons, daggers, spikes, and serpents are popular styles that you can find in pewter, silver, steel, or gold, and they may or may not have diamond or gemstone accents.

Spirit Earrings

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It's cool to show team spirit when you choose logo or mascot earrings to wear to the big game. You can also choose figural earrings to represent your hobbies, passions, or career.

Spiral Earrings

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Delicate spiral earrings have a cool, chic twist of metal that dangles far below the ear. Some designs have tighter twists and others may include straight sections, but this new twist on simple earrings is definitely hip.

Snowflake Earrings

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If you want the ultimate in cool earrings, choose snowflake designs encrusted with the icy sparkle of diamonds. Other fun designs that evoke snow include skiing and skating earrings, diamond paved studs that resemble snowballs, and winter holiday earrings such as candy canes, Christmas trees, or poinsettias.

Cool Earrings Are Fun

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Cool earrings can be fun when you get literal with ice cream earrings in your favorite flavor. For more ideas about the coolest types of earrings, check out…

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