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DIY Tips to Convert Pierced Earrings to Clip-Ons

Kate Miller-Wilson
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If you don't have pierced ears, converting pierced earrings to clip-on can expand your jewelry options. With a few simple supplies and a little time, you'll soon have some great new earrings to wear.

Instructions for Converting Pierced Earrings to Clip-On

For jewelry enthusiasts who don't have pierced ears, earring options can be limited. Luckily, you don't have to be stuck with the few choices available in clip-on format. Instead, you can modify existing pierced earrings to give them clip-on backs. Depending on the style of earring you are converting, the process will vary. However, this is almost always an easy craft project.

Converting Dangle Earrings

Long earrings can be lovely, but it's hard to find them with clip-on backs. It's very easy to modify these earrings. All you need are a few basic jewelry supplies, all available at your local craft store:

  • Pair of needle-nose pliers
  • Clip-on earring bases with a small loop
  • Small metal jump rings, or split rings used in jewelry making


  1. Start by laying all your supplies out on a clean towel. This will make it less likely that something important will fall on the floor or get lost.
  2. Use the pliers to gently open the loop where the dangle part of the pierced earring connects to the earring base. In most cases, this is a simple jump ring. Remove the charm or dangle from the rest of the earring.
  3. With the pliers, carefully open one of the jump rings you purchased. Sometimes this is easier if you use two pairs of pliers, twisting the jump ring in opposite directions.
  4. Thread the open jump ring through the clip-on earring base. Next, slide the dangle from the pierced earring onto the jump ring. Gently close the jump ring.
  5. Repeat this process with the other earring.

Converting Post-Back Earrings

Many pierced earrings feature a simple post backing. It's easy to use a clip-on converter to make these earrings wearable by those who don't have pierced ears. To get started, assemble some basic supplies from the jewelry supply aisle of your craft store:

  • Small end cutters, or wire cutters that will allow you to cut close to the earring
  • Adhesive for metal
  • Clip-on earring converters in your chosen style


  1. Again, work on a level surface that is covered with a clean towel.
  2. Using the wire cutters, remove the post backing from the earring. It is important to cut the post off as close as possible to the earring itself.
  3. Apply the adhesive to the back of the earring converter. Follow the manufacturer's directions to ensure an even coating.
  4. Using gentle pressure, attach the earring to the converter. You may need to apply steady pressure for a short period of time. Allow the adhesive to fully dry before attempting to wear the earring.
  5. Follow these steps to convert the other earring.

Helpful Tips

Converting pierced earrings to clip-on earrings is a fun and easy project, and you'll enjoy it even more if your follow these helpful tips:

  • Find a clip-on earring back that is comfortable for you. Some people prefer magnetic earring backs, which you can find at many craft stores.
  • Consider placing a flat serving tray or large plate under you work area. Slightly raised edges will help you keep from losing small pieces.
  • Use the right tool for the job. If you'll be doing several earring conversions, consider investing in an inexpensive jewelry tool kit with several styles of pliers.
  • Have fun! Soon, you'll be able to wear just about any style of earring, whether it has a clip-on back or not.
DIY Tips to Convert Pierced Earrings to Clip-Ons