4 Colorful Beaded Earring Types

Beaded earrings

Beautiful colorful beaded earrings are made from a wide variety of materials and are available in a whole spectrum of colors and styles.

About Beads

Beads are one of the most ancient types of jewelry and have a long history which stretches back to many of the world's earliest civilizations. Throughout history beads have been highly prized because of their color and their wide range of shapes and styles. Beads were so highly valued that they were often used as a form of currency. Today, the rich variety of bead types has extended even further with the introduction of modern materials and other new generation manufacturing techniques. Beads are used in a variety of jewelry types including earrings.

Types of Beaded Earrings

The combination of beads and earrings presents a wonderful opportunity for a wide variety of styles. From tiny understated pearl bead studs, through to large and dramatic chandelier styles, there is bound to be a beaded earring style to meet all tastes and occasions. Beaded earrings can be formed from a single feature bead or from a cluster of beads which have been intricately threaded and knotted into place. Beaded earrings can be found in a huge range of colors and vibrant hues can look as stunning as the classic pastel tones of fine pearls.

There are many types of beads that earrings can be formed from and these are found in a wide range of colors. Types of beads includes:


Gemstones are one of the most traditional form of beads for use in earrings and can be found in many types of jewelry including earrings. Gemstone beads can be found in the palest of colors, such as the beautiful pink of rose quartz, through to the deep hues found in stones such as onyx which make very dramatic earrings. Many natural gemstones have wonderful colors and markings that are rarely replicated in man made items. Examples of these are turquoise and tourmaline that can be found in colors ranging from olive green to vibrant pink.Gemstone beads are cut into shape and therefore can be found in a variety of shapes. Some gemstone beads are cut into standard round shapes, whereas others are cut into unusual or bespoke shapes and forms that maximize the inner beauty and individuality of the stone. Most gemstone bead shapes look great on earrings, although it is important not to pick stones that are too heavy as these may be uncomfortable to wear after a while.

Glass and Crystal

Glass and crystal beads have a long and interesting heritage. The bright shine of crystal beads makes them a popular choice for fine jewelry and they are available in a wide range of colors. Glass and crystal beads make lovely colorful beaded earrings as the light shines through the glass giving a wonderful inner shine to the earrings. Glass and crystal beads are popular with artisan jewelers. Handmade Swarovski crystal earrings, for instance, are a wonderful way to own one of a kind earrings with depth, color and sparkle.

Natural Beads

Beads formed from natural materials such as nuts, seeds, bone and wood are found in a wide range of colors from deep reds through to the palest cream. These beads can be found in their natural colors or dyed into a whole spectrum of shades. The natural shapes of these beads work particularly well with ethnic inspired earring designs and as the beads are often lightweight, quite large earring designs can be formed and still be comfortable to wear.

Man Made Beads

There are many fun and funky beads that are made from materials such as acrylic and plastics and these make fabulous colorful beaded earrings. These are created in many different shapes and are great when teamed with high fashion designs.

Tips for Buying Colorful Beaded Earrings

Here are some tips to help make the perfect choice:

  • Look at the colored beads in a selection of light - beads will look different under artificial light, for instance, then they do in daylight
  • Pick earrings that are not going to be too heavy for extended wear
  • Ensure that the fittings are hypoallergenic, this is particularly important for pierced earring fittings

Colorful beaded earrings are a great addition to any jewelry collection.

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