4 Clydesdale Draft Horse Jewelry Types

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Clydesdale draft horse jewelry makes the perfect gift for riders, horse caretakers, and animal lovers alike.

History of Clydesdale Horses

This particular breed of draft horse harkens back to a region of Scotland called "Clydesdale," after which the horse is named. Clydesdale breed horses can be varying shades of brown and black and grow to be quite large. In fact, at birth, they can weigh as much as 180 pounds. Historically, these animals were used primarily as farm horses for their strength in pulling heavy loads and were even used as such in America as late as the 1960s. More recently, the Budweiser Clydesdales became a famous advertising mascot for Anheuser Busch Beer Company. Today, these horses are often seen in parades and are raised and trained for draft horse shows.

Types of Clydesdale Draft Horse Jewelry

Whether you're looking for a sentimental prize for a young horseman after his first horse show competition or for a unique gift for a casual horse lover, Clydesdale draft horse jewelry is a unique choice. There are a variety of items to choose from, even in a category this specific.

  • Pendants: Specialty pendants are made from engraved metals like sterling silver and gold, adorned with gemstones, or painted. Retailers that offer horse jewelry will often feature several different types of pendants with a variety of horse breeds. Jewelers who specialize in custom work can even create a pendant design fashioned after your own animal.
  • Earrings: Much like pendants, only smaller, these items are usually dangle pieces that hang from a stud or fish-hook style component. Lighter metals can be engraved or painted to create a unique look.
  • Bracelets: One of the most popular types of bracelet for horse lovers is a custom horsehair piece. Many jewelers can create a one-of-a-kind look with the long hairs from your horse. Contact the jeweler to determine the amount and length of hairs you will need to provide.
  • Watches: Many specialty engravers can customize pieces you already own or add to a new piece. These talented jewelers can add a unique Clydesdale head engraving on the back of a beautiful pocket watch for the male horse lover in your life.

Where to Buy Draft Horse Jewelry

Thanks to the Internet and the ever-expanding jewelry market, draft horse jewelry is easy to find. It's important to contact the store or seller before you complete your purchase if you have questions about customization options and specialty products. Here are a few online retail stores offering draft horse jewelry:

  • The Gorgeous Horse - Located in Virginia, The Gorgeous Horse offers handcrafted equine jewelry. You can find an entire line of jewelry dedicated to the draft horse breed.
  • Big Black Horse - Also draft horse owners, the behind-the-scenes people of Big Black Horse have been selling horse jewelry, clothing, and home decor items since 2001. They also offer items for dog and cat lovers.
  • Horse and Wildlife Gifts, Inc. - This Georgia-based company offers a variety of engraveable bracelets, belt buckles, key chains, and other jewelry items. In addition, they sell a wide selection of horse gifts, as well as other animal gifts for the wildlife lover.

More Resources

Specialty items like Clydesdale draft horse gifts and jewelry can often be found on large auction sites like EBay, sometimes at a fraction of the cost of retail stores. Occasionally, feed and supply stores will stock unique gifts for the horse lover. It's a good idea to ask if they have a catalog of gift items that can be special ordered.

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4 Clydesdale Draft Horse Jewelry Types