Clear Crystal Gold Necklaces for a Glamourous Look

Clear Crystal Gold Necklace Sets

If you are looking for a touch of glamor from your jewelry, then perhaps a clear crystal gold necklace set would be just the thing. These are available in many different styles.

The stunning combination of gold and clear crystal makes very glamorous jewelry. The clear crystal catches and reflects light, creating a myriad of flashing colors as the crystal sparkles. Gold has a natural beauty that makes a wonderful backdrop to the crystals. When clear crystal and gold is combined in a necklace set the result is extremely attractive and suits styles from traditional to contemporary.

Types of Clear Crystal Gold Necklace Set Designs

There are many different types and styles of clear crystal gold necklace set designs. These range from high fashion options that are at the leading edge of design, through to classical designs that reflect a by-gone era. Necklace sets are typically teamed with other items of jewelry, such as earrings. This means that the necklace and earrings complement each other in design and style, therefore making them easy to wear together. Types of crystal gold necklace sets include:

  • Pendants and drop earrings - one of the most striking form of crystal gold necklace sets is the combination of a pendant and drop earrings. The clear crystals enhance the elegant design. Drop earrings and pendants both hang downwards and move as the body moves. This catches and reflects light and this adds to the sparkle of the piece.
  • Crystal beaded jewelry - a popular form of necklace sets is beaded crystal and gold designs. Crystal beads are often faceted and make a striking addition to gold. Crystal and gold beaded earrings are easy to wear and complement many styles.
  • Choker and stud earrings - gold clear crystal chokers can be both contemporary and classic. Crystals can be embedded into the gold choker or hung from the choker as charms. Stud earrings are often teamed with this style of necklace set as they are understated and let the beauty of the choker shine through.

Buying Clear Crystal Necklace Sets

Before buying clear crystal gold necklace sets it is important to decide how the jewelry will be worn. For instance, many people buy this type of jewelry for a special occasion such as a wedding or special party. In this case it is important that the jewelry complements an outfit style. Sometimes, however, this type of jewelry is bought for everyday wear and as such it is important to pick pieces that are robust enough to withstand the knocks of day to day wear.

Swarovski Crystal

One of the most well known brands of crystal that are used in jewelry is Swarovski. Swarovski have an international reputation for quality crystals and many jewelry makers choose to incorporate Swarovski into their work as a sign of quality. Swaroski beaded earrings are a particularly good choice.

Clear crystal jewelry is readily available from a variety of stores. Some of the most exciting designs, however, are found at websites that specialize in handcrafted jewelry. Some interesting sites include:

Looking After Gold Crystal Jewelry

One of the most important ways to keep crystal jewelry looking great is to keep it clean. Dirty jewelry will not shine in the same way that clean jewelry sparkles. A regular clean with a dry, lint free cloth will help to keep the crystal free from dirt and grime. In addition to this, here are some tips to help jewelry look great for years to come:

  • Some crystal jewelry is coated to enhance its reflective qualities. If this coating gets scratched it can stop the crystal from sparkling. Store crystal jewelry in a jewelry organizer to keep it safe.
  • Many items of crystal jewelry are made from gold plated or gold filled wire. Check the manufacturers instructions for tips for keeping this in tip top condition.
  • Consider having pieces of jewelry professionally cleaned. This is a good idea with expensive pieces as the jeweler can also check for wear and advise if repairs are required.

Gold crystal jewelry, with its wide variety of styles and designs, is a popular choice and suitable for many occasions.

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Clear Crystal Gold Necklaces for a Glamourous Look