Chunky Necklaces: Bold & Beautiful Ways to Be Noticed

Attention-Grabbing Necklaces

Bold necklaces are the focal point of any outfit you pair them with. To add an entirely new look to your existing wardrobe, try adding a few chunky necklaces to your collection. They can be worn with anything from jeans to dresses.

Keep It Simple

A big bold necklace, like this one with various sizes of faux pearls, goes beautifully with an elegant dress. The necklace makes a striking statement on its own, so wear it with something simple so the outfit doesn't distract from the necklace.

For Work or Play

A chunky necklace can be worn for work or going out in the evening. It can be paired with a basic black business suit to liven up the ensemble. Wear one the next time you are in the mood to make a fashion statement but have to keep your outfit more professional than fun.

Abstract Thinking

Elisabetta Franchi's abstract designs are unique and stylish. This gold chunky necklace is great with a suit jacket as well as a plain white shirt. The neutral tones will match many outfit but the necklace will still stand out as a conversation piece.

The Bigger, The Better

This big beaded creation of double strand black beads will turn heads. A necklace like this brings attention to your neck and face, so be sure to pair it with eye-catching makeup.

Try Trendy Looks

Don't replace your wardrobe when you can update it with a few new accessories. Necklaces in a variety of materials and styles will instantly freshen up your staple wardrobe pieces. A bold necklace like this one gives modern style to classic clothing looks. It goes great with everything from a simple tee to an elegant dress.

Striking Flowers

There is no better way to accent an otherwise plain dress than with a chunky statement necklace. Make the dress become a stylish creation with the addition of a chunky necklace, like this one with flowers that looks stunning against a simple, strapless black dress. This fashion trend can liven up many items in your wardrobe.

Colors, Neutrals, and Metallics in One

A bold necklace can add visual interest with color, big metal accents, or sheer size. This one does the job with all three, mixed in with some neutral tones. The medallion with beads combo works well with almost any neckline.

Unapologetically Gold and Glam

When you want to go all-out glam, gold is the way to go. Pile on your chunky metallic necklace, some matching cuff bracelets, rings, and maybe even headphones and fur, and get ready to turn some heads.

More Subdued Gold

Perhaps you love gold but want something more subdued, though still chunky. A single gold necklace with a braided look and short length will bring the attention up toward your face without screaming for attention.

Unusual Choices

For something unusual and vacation-ready, look for an option that doesn't rely on beads or a lot of metal to make a statement. For example, a collection of shells makes a beautiful necklace for a casual day (especially one spent at the beach).

Sometimes a bold necklace transforms an outfit the way a simple pendant can't. Both types of necklaces have a place in any wardrobe, but if you're looking to shake up your look a bit without spending a fortune on clothes, pick up a few chunky necklaces.

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Chunky Necklaces: Bold & Beautiful Ways to Be Noticed