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7 Christian Abstinence Ring Types

Sterling Silver Christian Fish Prayer Spin Ring

Christian abstinence rings are symbolic of a person's vow to refrain from sexual expressions of love until they are married. Learn more about what this kind of commitment means as well as the rings themselves.

The Abstinence Movement

Although some people might argue that abstinence was once the norm for unmarried men and women, there is certainly evidence in recent decades that a good portion of the population does engage in premarital sex. Sexual relations before marriage are by and large considered taboo by most Christian sects and a good number of other religions as well. Even if you don't espouse this particular belief yourself, one does have to admit that premarital sex has led to a number of unexpected pregnancies, especially in teens.

In answer to this upswing in teen parenthood, government and educators banded together to bring sexual education into the classroom. Students were widely taught methods of artificial birth control, but the practice of abstinence from sex wasn't focused on as sharply because many people believed teens would never be able to restrain themselves and their raging hormones.

In an attempt to promote a return to traditional values, many religious organizations began promoting the teaching of abstinence as the only acceptable alternative to married love. For those who have chosen abstinence over sex, the commitment is a very personal one, yet something they are quite proud of. Many people seeking to share their vow with the world-at-large are finding Christian abstinence rings and related jewelry make a clear cut statement about their beliefs.

A Look at Christian Abstinence Rings

The Symbolism

Through the centuries, rings have been used to symbolize various commitments. Engagement and wedding rings, as well as friendship rings immediately come to mind. Some rings display school and sorority/fraternity affiliations, while other rings proclaim membership in clubs and societies. Christian abstinence rings specifically symbolize a person's commitment to avoid sexual contact until they are lawfully married. Let's take a look at some of the styles available.

Types of Rings

  • Silver Bands: True Love Waits is a licensed collection that offers classic purity rings and other jewelry. Their stainless steel band is engraved with the company's name/message.
  • Stackable Rings: If one ring is good, three rings are even better. True Love Waits offers a set of stacking abstinence rings, each engraved with the single word "True", "Love" and "Waits."
  • Purity Engraving: Purity Rings Online offers a cubic zirconia heart solitaire ring engraved with the word Purity for women and a crown of thorns purity ring for men.
  • Chastity Band: Christian Jewelry carries a stainless steel band with a square-cut front and crystal. It's engraved with the single word "Purity" in script writing.
  • Men's Rings: Heritage House offers a men's abstinence ring that is engraved with the phrase "A man's strength is in his character."
  • "I'll Wait": The I'll Wait ring, also sold at Purity Rings Online is a slimmer design than the bands previously mentioned, although the ring is made from the ever popular stainless steel.
  • "Pure Before God: Pure Before God, sold at A Different Direction, pretty much sums up the goal of the entire abstinence movement.


Whether you call them promise rings, chastity rings, purity rings or abstinence rings, these pieces all symbolize the commitment to sexual abstinence, so if you're going to wear one, be sure you understand the exact message you're sending to the world.

7 Christian Abstinence Ring Types