Cheval Jewelry Armoire: Pretty & Practical Storage

Cheval Jewelry Armoire

There are many different ways of storing jewelry, however, the cheval jewelry armoire is one of the most innovative. The combination of practicality and style, make this a useful yet functional piece of furniture.

What is a Cheval Jewelry Armoire?

Unlike standard jewelry boxes or organizers, an armoire is a unit that allows jewelry to be hung and stored behind a door. This is an extremely useful way of storing jewelry and means that an entire jewelry collection can be seen at a glance. An armoire can be a small tabletop unit that stands alone, or part of a fitted bedroom.

The cheval jewelry armoire combines the cheval style mirror with a jewelry armoire. This means that on a daily basis the mirror can be used as a normal household mirror, yet within the mirror is the armoire to hold jewelry. This dual functionality makes this an elegant and useful piece of furniture. A cheval armoire can be any size, however it is most commonly found in the standard sizes and shapes for mirrors and this makes it easy to fit into most bedroom and dressing room environments.

Benefits of a Cheval Armoire for Storing Jewelry

There are many benefits of this style of armoire. These include:

Space Saving

Space is at a premium for all of us and having a mirror that doubles as a jewelry storage system is an excellent way to save space. Unlike normal armoires or jewelry boxes that require a surface to stand on or to be hung from, an armoire behind a cheval mirror utilizes only space that would otherwise be hidden by the mirror.

Lots of Space

The large space behind a cheval mirror will provide plenty of space for storing all types of jewelry. This includes long chains and pendants as well as more bulky bracelets or other items of special jewelry such as one of a kind designer jewelry. Jewelry armoires also have compartments and spaces specifically for items of jewelry such as earrings and rings which can otherwise get lost.

Attractive and Useful Mirror

The cheval mirror is an attractive mirror. The frames of cheval mirrors are often wood and can be found in a wide range of colors and shades meaning that they will match most bedroom and dressing room furniture combinations.

Disguised Jewelry Storage

A cheval jewelry armoire is also well disguised meaning that it will help to protect a jewelry collection from the casual thief.

Buying a Cheval Mirror and Jewelry Armoire

There are many websites that offer a wide range of different jewelry storage and organizer options including cheval jewelry armoires. These can present a wonderful opportunity for browsing and seeing what is available before picking the perfect item. This is a great way to look at a number of jewelry armoires from the comfort of home. Many websites also offer full measurements meaning that it is possible to check and make sure an armoire fits before buying it. Some websites that are worth a look include:

Tips for Buying a Jewelry Armoire

Here are some tips to help you make the perfect purchase:

  • Make a list of the items of jewelry that are to be stored. Use this as a check list to make sure that the armoire has the necessary storage compartments.
  • If the armoire is to replace an existing wall mounted mirror, make sure that the wall will take the additional weight of the armoire.
  • When buying over the Internet, confirm the delivery costs as this can add to the total order value.

This flexible form of storage makes the storing of jewelry an easy task and one that will protect precious items of jewelry.

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Cheval Jewelry Armoire: Pretty & Practical Storage