Cheap Rhinestone Jewelry Styles for Extra Sparkle

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Cheap rhinestone jewelry is a great way to accessorize any outfit. A pair of rhinestone earrings dresses up jeans and a T-shirt. The right rhinestone necklace is the perfect touch for that little black dress. Yet the best part about rhinestone jewelry is the price. You can find some beautiful rhinestone accessories at an affordable price.

How to Wear Rhinestone Jewelry

Isn't it fun how rhinestone jewelry dresses everything up? You can pin a funky rhinestone pin on an old denim bag and it gives it a new look.

Think of all of the ways that you can wear rhinestone accessories:

  • Clip on some big rhinestone chandelier earrings with your jeans and T-shirt.
  • Attach a flower rhinestone pin to a favorite hat and wear it with a favorite long skirt outfit.
  • Take rhinestone barrette and style it into your hair.
  • Wear a rhinestone bracelet on each wrist with any outfit.
  • Save the pretty rhinestone pendant for a favorite dress.

Types of Rhinestone Jewelry

There are many types of rhinestone jewelry. You can find rhinestone earrings, necklaces, pendants, bracelets, anklets and watches. Here are examples of the many different jewelry designs available:

  • Hearts
  • Circles
  • Animals
  • Dragons
  • Mermaids
  • Artistic designs
  • Patterns
  • Names
  • Words

Just about any design you can imagine, you can probably find it in rhinestones.

Fun with Vintage Rhinestone Jewelry

Thrift and consignment shops are great places to search for vintage rhinestone jewelry. Some stores have such a collection of retro rhinestone costume jewelry, it will remind you of the days that you played dress up in Grandma's jewelry box. If you are interested like retro rhinestone jewelry, you can find some real treasures for very low prices.

Rhinestone Jewelry for Prom

Rhinestone jewelry is perfect for prom! You can find gorgeous but cheap earrings, necklaces, rings, bracelets and anklets that will match your gown. You can even find tiaras! Here are some ideas on how to accessorize your Prom gown with rhinestone jewelry:

  • Rhinestone hair accessories: Add sparkly rhinestone accents to your Prom hairdo with rhinestone combs, hair sticks or barrettes.
  • Rhinestone necklace: An elegant necklace can accent your gown and compliment your skin tone. There are many different rhinestone necklaces to choose from. You can find something that works well with your gown.
  • Rhinestone earrings: A bit of spark on your earlobes can look elegant and add that special touch to your look.
  • Rhinestone bracelets and rings: It's fun to add sparkle to your whole look with extra rhinestone accessories such as bracelets, rings and anklets.
  • Rhinestone tiaras: For the It Girl who can pull it off, rhinestone tiaras are a must-have.

Look around and figure out which rhinestone accessories work best for your outfit. With the large selection of affordable rhinestone jewelry, you should be able to find something perfect for a prom.

Where to Buy Cheap Rhinestone Jewelry

You can find great deals on rhinestone jewelry at local malls, superstores and department store jewelry departments. The Internet is also a great resource for saving money on rhinestone jewelry. The following online retailers sell cheap rhinestone jewelry:

  • Wedding Sparkles: Wedding Sparkles has a large selection of rhinestone necklaces, earrings and bracelets. The site also has tiaras and rhinestone evening bags.
  • Advantage Bridal: Advantage Bridal has lovely rhinestone necklaces and earrings.
  • Light in the Box: You'll find earrings, necklaces, tiaras and more.

Caring for Rhinestone Jewelry

Your rhinestone jewelry will last longer with gentle care. Carefully wipe it clean with a soft cloth. If the stones start to get dull, you can use a small amount of alcohol on a soft cloth to gently rub away the dirt. Store rhinestone jewelry in a velvet or silk jewelry pouch.

Deals Are Easy to Find

You can find beautiful and cheap rhinestone jewelry for any occasion. Shop around for deals and you can find some really pretty jewelry sets at discounted prices. Enjoy shopping for rhinestones.

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Cheap Rhinestone Jewelry Styles for Extra Sparkle