8 Chanel Earring Collections Worth Exploring

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Chanel earrings have long adorned the lobes of the most stylish women in the world. As the originator of the "little black dress," Chanel intuitively knows every accessory to complement it and every other outfit in your wardrobe. These earrings are luxurious, stylish, and classic.

Chanel Fine Jewelry Earrings

Since the launch of a jewelry line in 1932, the Chanel fine jewelry collection is recognized for the combination of luxurious materials and innovative designs. They are fabricated from precious metals of gold and platinum and encrusted with gemstones, diamonds, pearls, and ceramics. The earrings are available as clip-on for non-pierced ears or post for pierced ears. Prices are not available on the website but can be quoted by calling customer service. There are five different lines available.

Earrings Camelia Collection

The Camelia Collection features earrings designed with the camelia flower.

  • Dainty stud-style earrings feature 18k white gold, diamonds, and white or black ceramics. The same camelia design can also be found in a delicate drop style, with the flowers crafted from white agate or black onyx.
  • The dangle style is in 18k yellow gold and has the camellia flower suspended from a chain attached to a diamond stud. Leaves adorn the chain and are accented with small diamonds.

Earrings Ultra Collection

The Ultra Collection features bold lines of white and black ceramic.

  • The dangle style earring is fabricated from 18k white gold and encrusted with diamonds. Wide strips of black or white ceramic decorate the drop.
  • The small hoop style earring is fashioned from 18k white gold. Wide strips of white or black ceramic encircle the lobe of the ear, with a thin strip of diamonds accenting the hoop.

Earrings Comete Collection

The Comete Collection features star motifs.

  • Dangle earrings resemble shooting stars, featuring a diamond star with sprays of diamonds and columns of black spinels trailing below it. The earrings are fabricated from 18k white gold.
  • The 18k white gold studs feature stars embellished with diamonds. This design is available in three different sizes.

Earrings 1932 Collection

The 1932 Collection features plume motifs.

  • Drop-style plume-style earrings dangle from a dainty chain and are accented with diamonds. They are anchored to the ear with a diamond solitaire.
  • The post style of plume earrings are fabricated from 18k white gold and are encrusted with diamonds.

Earrings Sous Le Signe De Lion Collection

This collection features a lion pattern. There are three pairs in this collection, all with a similar design of a lion's face with a small dangle. The differences lie in the materials.

  • One pair is made of 18k yellow gold.
  • Another is made of 18k white gold and diamonds.
  • A third pair features 18k white gold, diamonds, and cultured pearls.

Chanel Costume Jewelry Earrings

This collection of jewelry is both highly fashionable and fun, using unusual materials such as velvet and leather and decorated with glass and Swarovski crystals known as strass. Chanel costume jewelry earrings are designed to match other jewelry items, like bracelets, rings, and brooches, in the collection. There are currently three lines available.

Fall-Winter 2015/16 Pre-Collection

The Fall-Winter Collection features many designs using large, colored glass pearls.

  • The dramatic dangle earrings of black, gray, and white glass pearls feature the Chanel logo of interlocking C's. The earrings are made of metal and resin, a hardened clear material. They retail for about $500.
  • The regal, bob style earrings feature a large white glass pearl suspended from the Chanel logo. The glass pearls are capped with yellow metal and encrusted with clear strass, as are the interlocking C's. The earrings retail for around $700.

Metiers D'Art Paris-Salzburg 2014/15 Collection

The Metiers D'Art Collection features antique-looking designs encrusted with small glass pearls.

  • The bold earrings from this collection feature multiple shapes of stars and the interlocking C logo paved with glass pearls and strass. The earrings are made of a yellow metal and resin. They retail for around $650.
  • The pinwheel style earrings from this collection feature a button of white glass pearls and freshwater pearls framed by a fan of white metal leaves. They retail for under $600.

Spring-Summer 2015 Collection

The Spring-Summer Collection features classic, geometric designs using large glass pearls

  • The long, pendant earrings feature a row of white plexiglass pearls framed by white metal and capped with the Chanel logo covered in resin. They retail for under $1,200.
  • The starburst style, clip on earrings feature a green, resin center with the Chanel logo framed by white glass pearls. The earrings are fabricated from a white metal and are part of an ensemble. They retail for around $550.

Buying Chanel Earrings

Before buying a pair of earrings it is important to decide which collection the earrings are to come from.

  • The fine jewelry collection features more expensive jewelry designed to last as heirlooms.
  • The costume range is less expensive and contemporary with today's high fashion.

Chanel's Look

A pair of Chanel earrings will be much admired and cherished whether the earrings are from the fine jewelry collection or from the costume jewelry collection. With so many styles and price ranges, there are earrings to suit almost everyone. They are the perfect complement to any outfit.

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8 Chanel Earring Collections Worth Exploring