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Silver Jewelry

Article Highlight: How to Clean Sterling Silver Necklaces

Learn how to clean sterling silver necklaces so you can bring back the sparkle and beauty of these precious jewelry pieces. There are different processes, depending on whether your necklace is sterling or silver-plated… Keep reading »

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Silver is a popular and beloved jewelry metal. Not only is it durable, but it wears well and works beautifully with thousands of different combinations of other metals, gemstones, many other materials. Caring and cleaning for sterling silver jewelry also takes minimal care; the patina that comes with wear adds character and depth to the jewelry items.

Types of Silver Jewelry

Silver jewelry comes in virtually every type of jewelry, from rings to necklaces to body jewelry. Having a collection of silver jewelry is a staple for many men and women, because it is so versatile. Silver can accent nearly any color and a wide range of clothing and other accessory types. Many types of silver jewelry are also more affordable than their gold, platinum, titanium, or other counterparts. In short, jewelry made with silver is the ultimate essential whether you're an avid jewelry collector or an occasional wearer.

There are also different types of silver. Plated costume jewelry is inexpensive but may not last as long, while sterling silver jewelry can cost more but provide a beautiful and lasting jewelry addition.

Silver is an incredibly versatile material in jewelry design, and you'll see everything from sleek and sophisticated necklaces to cute charms for children to artistic body jewelry made from this metal. Silver also works well in conjunction with a huge variety of other materials, including both real and faux gemstones, leather, beads, pearls, and other metals. From classic, simple styles to runway-inspired pieces, silver is a staple in the jewelry industry.

Everything Silver

You'll find a variety of information here on silver items of jewelry, from the trend in long silver earrings to silver holiday charms and jewelry sets. LoveToKnow Jewelry expert writers and editors strive to bring you the most pertinent information related to this sensational type of jewelry, so check back often for the latest articles.

Silver Jewelry