Men's Jewelry Types and Designs

Toe Rings for Men: Guide to Masculine Styles

Toe Rings for Men: Guide to Masculine Styles

Toe rings for guys come in many masculine fashion options. This foot accessory is growing in popularity for guys of all walks of life. Discover men's toe ring trends, available styles, and where to buy them. Keep reading »

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Man Wearing Gold Bracelet

The modern jewelry industry is predominately marketed towards women; yet men's jewelry remains an incredibly popular and fashionable way for masculine bodies to enjoy accessorizing their everyday outfits. Whether you're on the hunt for the perfect cufflinks for your wedding or want to emulate your favorite singer-songwriter's leather cuff bracelet, there's an endless array of options for you to choose from.

Men's Jewelry Made for Special Occasions

Men have their own fashion regulations when it comes to special occasions; from fancy dinners to wedding ceremonies, masculine dress isn't exempt from needing a few pieces of bling to really enhance a look. A few different pieces of jewelry that you might consider adding to your formal wear for a glint of shine include:

  • Tie clips/pins - A subtle way to bring a sense of refinement to your formal wear is to add a tie clip or tie pin to keep your tie perfectly aligned in front of your shirt's buttons. Tie pins are the older of the two fasteners, and are a bit of a hazard if they're not properly put into place since they are just a sharp, straight pin, but they're generally subtler than tie clips amassing to only a small, decorated button at the top.
  • Cuff links - Often gifted to people for special occasions, cuff links span a range of styles, colors, and prices. You can personalize your cuff links by choosing ones that are monogrammed, represent your university, favorite sports team, and so much more.
  • Tuxedo studs - An easy way for you to add color to an otherwise black-and-white ensemble is to replace your buttons with tuxedo studs. With the bright greens, reds, blues, purples, oranges, and so on of the various gemstones available, you can brighten up your formal wear in a pinch with these accessories.

Casual Men's Jewelry

Some jewelry is better suited to complement casual outfits, like rings, bracelets, and necklaces. There's no reason to be hesitant about starting to wear jewelry since there's a treasure trove of options for masculine aesthetics.

Men's Rings

Rings are, without a doubt, some of the easiest jewelry to slip on and wear consistently. They're small enough to not get in the way of your daily activity, but prominent enough to start a conversation. You can show your love for your favorite sports team, honor your military service, or embody alternative aesthetics with whichever type you choose.

Men's Earrings

If you're going to want to try wearing earrings for the first time, it's important to recognize that getting your ears pierced is a time-consuming commitment. You won't be able to switch out your jewelry for at least six months, if not longer, depending on how quickly your body can completely heal the wounds; but, once you're able to change your studs, there's a vast number of options for you to pick from. From hoops, to gages, to 3D shapes, there's a type of earring for every masculine person.

Men's Necklaces

Men's necklaces have such a long history in popular culture; the 1970s saw men emulating the mafia aesthetic by wearing thin gold chains and the rapper and hip-hop communities in the 1990s adopted large necklaces as a fundamental aspect of their look. Nowadays, you can find delicate, thin chains, large chain links, and shell necklaces to match your personal style.

Men's Bracelets

Another easy accessory for men to wear are bracelets; ranging from metal to leather to cord, these wrist accessories accentuate the forearm and call attention to the hand. You can slap a cable bracelet on your wrist or place a cuff on your arm depending on your mood. Either way, you can easily mix and match your bracelets to your current style.

The Trick to Gifting Jewelry

Despite jewelry's long-term association with feminine styles, the past decade has proven that all types of masculine bodies can enjoy wearing it without fear. If your partner's birthday is just around the corner or you just want to give them something beautiful to wear every day, you might want to think about giving them a show-stopping piece of jewelry to celebrate. Whether you want to increase the romance in your partnership, bring your partner a little good luck, or commission a custom item, the trick to gifting jewelry to the man in your life is to pick something that they can easily wear. If their job requires a lot of manual labor, then you want to choose an accessory for them that isn't going to be at risk of getting caught on something, and if they're required to wear a uniform, then you want to find an item that won't attract a lot of attention. Either way, the men in your life deserve to be beautifully accessorized too, and you can help encourage them by surprising them with a piece that perfectly fits their personality.

Jewelry Isn't Just for Women

There's been a modern sensibility that's permeated popular culture in the past few decades which discourages men from wearing jewelry, and yet, there's an entire history filled with different communities using jewelry in various sentimental, practical, and spiritual ways. So, take back the legacy of wearing jewelry and pick out that piece that speaks to you.

Men's Jewelry Types and Designs