Kinds of Jewelry

Guide to Finding Necklaces for Your Style

Guide to Finding Necklaces for Your Style

Necklaces can range from trendy to timeless, and they come in a huge variety of different materials, styles, and price points. Picking the right necklace can seem like an overwhelming task, but the key is to… Keep reading »

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Choosing the right jewelry is important. Whether you are looking for the ideal romantic jewelry gift or want to make a specific style statement with a bold chipped stone necklace, having jewelry knowledge can help. Understanding the different types of jewelry available, as well as the options in styles and materials, can help you find the perfect piece, from earrings to anklets.

Discovering Different Kinds of Jewelry

There are so many different kinds of jewelry that it can seem overwhelming, but knowing the specifics when it comes to jewelry makes it easier. Theme jewelry, unique pendants, classic earrings, celebrity-inspired jewelry, retro jewelry - this is all just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to this fabulous world of accessories. There are many unique facets to any type of jewelry

Styles of Jewelry

Whether your tastes run classic or you love to experiment with the latest trends in jewelry, knowing the range of different styles can be helpful.

  • Fun jewelry - This ranges from simple, inexpensive costume jewelry to charms to items for kids - like girls' clip on earrings.
  • Handmade and unique - There are numerous options for original handmade jewelry and unique options. From handmade bangle bracelets to unique earrings, you can stand out with one-of-a-kind accessories.
  • Meaningful - Many kinds of jewelry have deep meaning. It might have an inspirational or religious meaning, or speak to some specific aspect of your life. From a necklace used to signify becoming a mother to remembering a beloved pet with a paw print necklace, many styles aren't just for looks.
  • Functional jewelry - Some pieces, like cuff links, medical jewelry, and watches have important functions as well as adding style.
  • Vintage - Jewelry from years past, such as vintage or vintage-inspired pieces, can add unique flair.
  • Designer - Top brands and designers have a quality and aesthetic different from fun and costume jewelry.
  • Trendy jewelry - Although there are lots of classic staples, new jewelry trends are always cropping up, keeping it interesting. From a resurgence in mood ring popularity to new looks in large hoop earrings, trending jewelry can make any outfit feel fresh and modern.

Jewelry Materials

There's no limit to the different types of material jewelry can be made from. While many jewelry types are made from popular metals, like sterling silver, others are made from something more unique and creative, like bottle caps, glass, or even horsehair. Understanding the different materials and options can open up new worlds when it comes to jewelry. Buying guides are especially important if you are considering an expensive jewelry item, such as genuine diamond earrings, if you are looking for vintage items (such as bakelite jewelry), or you are thinking about purchasing items at a jewelry auction.

Selecting Jewelry

Choosing jewelry, either for for yourself or to give as a gift, isn't always easy. Some factors to consider are size, type, cost, and style preferences. Getting in-depth information on aspects such as how to size certain jewelry items, where to buy brands or types, the history behind different kinds of jewelry, and how to differentiate between genuine and fake jewelry can help make choosing and purchasing jewelry easier. If you're looking for inspirational jewelry, you may need to know more about certain pieces and just what their meanings are, such as spiritual chakra necklaces or Native American jewelry. Specific needs are also important to consider, such as if a person needs hypoallergenic jewelry.

Personal and Stylish

No matter what type of materials it's made from, jewelry is something personal as well as an accessory that can make an important style impact. Jewelry can reflect certain aspects of a person's life, such as birthstones, as well as certain themes or interests. From owl-inspired jewelry to silver holiday charms, there's something for everyone in today's jewelry market.

Kinds of Jewelry