Jewelry Boxes and Storage Ideas

10 Jewelry Storage Solutions to Hold Your Treasures

10 Jewelry Storage Solutions to Hold Your Treasures

If you have a large collection of accessories, there are many jewelry storage ideas that can make your life easier. The goal is to organize, display, and create convenience. No one wants to hunt through boxes… Keep reading »

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Brown leather jewelry box

A jewelry box is a special way to store your prized jewelry pieces. You have many jewelry storage options and may decide you need a couple of jewelry boxes, especially if you take your jewelry with you when traveling.

Pick a Jewelry Box for Special Pieces

If you have a lot of jewelry, you may decide to separate your most prized and valuable pieces into their own jewelry box. You may choose to separate your jewelry by how frequently you wear certain pieces and place them in separate jewelry boxes.

Organize Your Earrings

You may need other options for your earrings. Earrings can be difficult to keep up with unless you organize them. An earring box is a great way to organize and protect your earrings, especially if you have a large collection. Small posts can be easily lost in a large jewelry box or jewelry armoire. However, you can use an earring box that is designed specifically to hold those tiny treasures so they are readily available when you want to wear them. If you're crafty, you may decide to make your own earring organizer and find inspiration in the simplest everyday items that you can repurpose for your DIY earring organizer.

Beautiful Jewelry Armoires as Furniture Pieces

Some jewelry armoires are exquisite furniture pieces. You can place a jewelry armoire in your bedroom, dressing room, or walk-in closet. You will realize significant savings when you shop clearance sales for a jewelry armoire.

Hidden Jewelry Armoires

If you don't want to advertise your jewelry storage, you can choose a Cheval mirror jewelry armoire. This type of jewelry storage is deceptive since it looks like it's just a mirror. However, it has a hidden storage area for your jewelry. This may be a freestanding floor mirror or one you need to hang on the wall.

DIY Jewelry Storage Ideas

When you want your jewelry storage to be as unique as your taste in accessories, a DIY jewelry display holder is your best option. By creating your own original jewelry box, it serves as a place to hold your accessories and a decorative element in the room. When looking for one-of-a-kind jewelry storage options, consider necklace display stands in funky shapes. You can pair a few different jewelry boxes or displays stands together for an eclectic look.

Jewelry Storage for Travel Made Easy

Traveling jewelry cases keep your accessories from getting tangled or broken while you're on a trip. Jewelry rolls are pieces of fabric with specific sections for each type of accessory that can be neatly rolled up into a compact and organized jewelry holder. If you're going on a short trip or have very little luggage space, jewelry rolls are a great option to ensure you have room for those precious jewels. When you're going on a longer trip or will be attending several social events while away from home, you might want to use a portable jewelry display case.

Beautiful Jewelry Boxes Provide a Place for Accessories

Keeping your favorite jewelry items protected and organized is essential, and there are many lovely jewelry boxes with storage systems available. These works of art will ensure your jewelry is easily accessible and protected. Jewelry boxes can become part of your dressing room or bedroom decor when you display them as art objects on a dressing table or dresser.

Jewelry Boxes for Children Can Be Personalized

Children's jewelry box options include storage units for boys or girls and kids of all ages. Let your children browse pictures of different jewelry boxes so they can pick out ones that match their personalities. Keeping small necklaces, bracelets, and earrings in a jewelry box helps teach kids to take care of their precious items. Personalized jewelry boxes are especially great for kids' gifts because they also serve as keepsake items. When it comes to choosing a children's jewelry box, make sure it's fun and functional.

Select the Perfect Jewelry Box

You have many choices in the types and styles of jewelry boxes and jewelry storage options available. When you take care of your jewelry, it will last a long time and can even become family heirlooms - some day.

Jewelry Boxes and Storage Ideas