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Gold jewelry has long been predominant in the world of accessorizing. Gold is one of the world's most beautiful metals and offers incredible versatility in terms of pieces - from earrings to necklaces to body jewelry, gold appears in nearly every jewelry type and genre. It also pairs well with a vast number of other materials, including gem stones, pearls, and many other natural and synthetic jewelry accents. The various hues of gold also add to its versatile nature. You can find gold jewelry in many colors, including white, yellow, rose, and even combinations such as Black Hills Gold.

Jewelry for Every Budget

Gold's prevalence in the jewelry market also means that is available in a number of forms for various tastes and budgets. While gold itself is a precious metal, alone it is much to soft too be worn as jewelry. This is why there is a gold ratio in most jewelry -- what is referred to as the karat number. The higher the karat, the higher measure of gold is in the piece. Ten to fourteen karat pieces (depending on the size and other materials) can be very affordable for those wanting a beautiful piece of jewelry at a lower cost.

Gold Styles Galore

The number of diverse styles of gold jewelry is astounding - from inexpensive gold plated necklaces to pairs of haute couture, exquisitely crafted gold earrings, perhaps only silver rivals the variances of gold in the jewelry marketplace. LoveToKnow Jewelry offers you expert information on many types of gold items of jewelry, from standard styles of gold chains to in-depth articles on gold lockets and Byzantine gold. Check back frequently for our latest additions!

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