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White Gold: What It Is & Common Styles

White Gold: What It Is & Common Styles

White gold is a popular, precious metal made of a mixture of materials. In fact, the gold mixture is not always the same. Learn more about white gold to find out if it is a good jewelry choice for you. Keep reading »

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Solid gold bracelets

The number of diverse styles of gold jewelry is astounding - from inexpensive gold plated necklaces to pairs of haute couture, exquisitely crafted gold earrings, perhaps only silver rivals the variances of gold in the jewelry marketplace. Learn more about the different karats and colors of gold along with how to care for it.

Know Your Gold

While some people might buy gold jewelry on impulse, there are a lot of different things you should consider for your purchase. From the length and style of the chain, to the quality of the piece, to what you are going to wear the gold jewelry with, these must all be taken into account. To get up close and personal with your gold, know your karats, colors, and style.

Understand Gold Purity Levels

Gold's prevalence in the jewelry market also means that is available in a number of forms for various tastes and budgets. While gold itself is a precious metal, alone it is much too soft to be worn as jewelry. This is why there is a gold ratio in most jewelry -- what is referred to as the karat number. The higher the karat, the higher measure of gold is in the piece. Ten to 14 karat pieces (depending on the size and other materials) can be very affordable for those wanting a beautiful piece of jewelry at a lower cost. However, 18 to 24 karats are more expensive.

Evaluate Colors of Gold

In addition to coming in different purity levels or karats, gold comes in different colors. There are six colors to gold to be exact. While yellow, rose, and white gold are a few fan favorites, you can also find green, black, and purple gold. Black gold is created using potassium sulfide, and you mix indium and aluminum to create purple gold.

Gold Jewelry Style

Just as with any other jewelry type, gold jewelry comes in a lot of different styles and price points. While the price point is affected by the purity and color, some styles are more expensive than others. For example, byzantine gold chains are a popular style that come in bracelets and necklaces. If you like a more matte finish or costume jewelry, then you might want to check out Russian gold, which has a more antique look due to the electroplated finish. Costume jewelry is also plated or lower purity levels, which is also more affordable. No matter which piece you choose, make sure to have fun wearing your gold.

How to Care for Gold Jewelry

Now that you've got your piece home, it's time to cherish it. As with most jewelry, gold can last a lifetime and make your life shine. However, it needs to be cared for properly. This means you should clean it regularly, and follow a few other tips when caring for your gold locket.

  • Remove jewelry before swimming in chlorine pools.
  • Wear high karat gold less frequently to avoid dents.
  • Store your gold separately to avoid scratching.
  • Consider wrapping pieces in cloth to keep them looking new.

Sell Gold Jewelry

Gold is a hot market. Therefore, you can make some cash by getting rid of some of your unused or broken gold jewelry. Since there are a lot of different venues for selling your jewelry, it's important to consider the pros and cons of each establishment. Shopping around and finding the right buyer for your precious Giada necklace can make all the difference.

Jewelry for Every Budget

Gold jewelry has long been predominant in the world of accessorizing. Gold is one of the world's most beautiful metals and offers incredible versatility in terms of pieces. From earrings to necklaces to body jewelry, gold appears in nearly every jewelry type and genre. It also pairs well with a vast number of other materials, including gemstones, pearls, and many other natural and synthetic jewelry accents. The various hues of gold also add to its versatile nature. Now that you know your gold, check out some fun jewelry!

All About Gold Jewelry