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Moonstone's Symbolic Meaning & Spiritual Healing Uses

Moonstone's Symbolic Meaning & Spiritual Healing Uses

Moonstones, with their shimmery inner reflections, have captivated people for centuries, yet they aren't as well-remembered as stones like diamonds, emeralds, and rubies. Over the years, healing properties, love… Keep reading »

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Multi Colored Pencils Precious Gemstones

When looking for a new ring or necklace, it's crucial to have a basic understanding of gemstones. Not only are cut, color, and clarity important, but gemstones also have specific meanings and types. Get a clear understanding of the different gemstones available to help you find the perfect gemstone jewelry.

Precious Gemstones

If you are new to gemstones or just looking for the perfect gemstone jewelry, you might be wondering what a precious or semi-precious gemstone is. Precious stones are transparent and have a specific way to cut them. They are considered precious due to quality and rarity. There are four precious gemstones.

  • Diamonds - brilliant, colorless crystalline from carbon
  • Emeralds - glamorous green gemstone from beryl
  • Sapphire - blazing blue crystal from corundum mineral
  • Ruby - rich red gemstone from corundum mineral

Precious stones come in different cuts, carats, and clarity which guide the price of the gemstone.

Semi-Precious Gemstones

Gemstones don't just stop at the big four. While these are wildly popular, other common gemstones are called semi-precious gemstones, which are simply gemstones that aren't classified as precious. While the list is long, a few semi-precious stones include jade, amber, onyx, and tanzanite. These stones aren't any less beautiful than their precious siblings, they simply aren't classified as precious and tend to be more common.

Birthday Month Gemstones

Beyond just the type of gemstone you are buying, each month has a specific birthstone. You might know that peridot is the birthstone for August or aquamarine is the March birthstone. But, what you might not realize is that each different month has a modern and traditional birthstone. Additionally, some months like December, have a variety of different birthstones to choose from. When considering birthstone jewelry, it's essential to know all the different options available for your birthstone ring or mother's rings.

Meaning of Gemstones

Gemstones are more than just beautiful stones in jewelry. Each different gemstone holds a unique meaning attached to it. Many times, this meaning comes from the origins and history of the stone. While there is a vast array of gemstones, explore the meanings of a few common ones.

  • Aquamarine - friendship and communication
  • Opal - inspiration
  • Topaz - protection and love
  • Peridot - luck and happiness
  • Moonstone - new beginnings

Gemstone Jewelry Gifts

Gemstones adorn a variety of jewelry pieces, from simple stud earrings to ornate cuff bracelets. Classically beautiful stone jewelry is available, as are unique and eclectic items. Both individual jewelry artisans and mainstream jewelers use gemstones in their jewelry, like three-stone rings or tourmaline necklaces. There are choices for any budget and occasion, from affordable faux gems to the semi-precious and precious stones used in fine jewelry.

Synthetic vs. Natural Stones

When considering buying that pair of diamond earrings, you might hear words like synthetic diamonds. Synthetic and natural gemstones are different in the way they are created. Basically, a natural stone is created naturally by the earth and mined, whereas a synthetic stone is made in a lab. Knowing the difference between the two is vital when getting jewelry appraised, as natural stones tend to be more valuable than synthetic stones.

One-Stop-Shop for Gemstone Knowledge

Gemstones are as fascinating as they are beautiful. And whether you like garnet or sardonyx, each different gem has an enchanting makeup and history. Knowing the different stories behind each different gemstone can make you start to appreciate your semi-precious and precious gemstones a little more. You might even discover that you have a new favorite.

Guide to Gemstones and Gemstone Jewelry