About Fashion Jewelry: Becoming a Trend Setter

1970s Jewelry Trends to Rock the Retro Look

1970s Jewelry Trends to Rock the Retro Look

If you want a retro look that fits well with your modern style, 1970s jewelry could be a perfect choice for you. Many of the jewelry trends that were popular in the 1970s have been reimagined today, and you can… Keep reading »

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Fashion jewelry is a fun way to accessorize your outfits without having to spend a lot of money. You can easily keep up with the seasonal fashion changes when you take advantage of fashion jewelry.

Affordable Costume Jewelry for Trendy Fashions

You can find high-quality fashion jewelry as well as very cheap, inexpensive pieces. The majority of the trendy jewelry pieces are affordable. Also called costume jewelry, these jewelry pieces are made of metals like brass, nickel, and copper. Many people use the metal types to distinguish between fine jewelry and fashion jewelry.

However, some designers' costume jewelry pieces are made of precious metals, but feature faux diamonds, gemstones, and pearls like the fashion jewelry that designer Coco Chanel popularized. Cartier also created fashion jewelry pieces to present customers with different options, not necessarily with less expensive items.

Create Your Own Style

Some fashion jewelry is designed specifically to be worn with casual outfits, while others are clearly meant to accessorize more formal wear. The true beauty of fashion jewelry is finding your personal style and not being afraid to express it. You may decide to shake things up with a fashion statement by wearing a rhinestone necklace with your blue jeans outfit, just don't forget to don the matching earrings!

Your evening dress or prom dress may need a little sparkle. You can select from a large collection of beautify faux gemstones or pearls. You have many choices that will make you feel like a million bucks on your special evening.

Buy Fashion Jewelry at a Jewelry Party

Another resource for finding great fashion trendy jewelry is party plan jewelry companies, like Park Lane Jewelry. This business model allows you to explore various new jewelry with party hosting opportunities to save on jewelry you want to buy. This type of party plan sales has been a popular one since Tupperware arrived on the scene. The now defunct Sarah Coventry Jewelry also gave women the opportunity to earn money selling the jewelry line with home parties. You can still luck up on a few Sarah Coventry pieces when you shop resale and vintage jewelry websites.

Chunky Jewelry Can Dominate Your Fashion

Sometimes, you just need a chunky necklace to complete the look you want for a new outfit. Chunky jewelry isn't just about bold necklaces. You can style at a party with a chunky ring or two. However, when it to comes to chunky jewelry, you don't want your chunky jewelry competing with other pieces of chunky jewelry, such as wearing a chunky ring, a chunky bracelet, and a couple of chunky necklaces. The rule of thumb for large bulky jewelry in this instance is less is more. That's not to say you can't wear more than one chunky necklace. Just make sure that you limit it to one type of jewelry. For example, you can wear two or three chunky necklaces or instead opt for a few chunky bracelets in different sizes.

Retro Jewelry Is Still Cool!

Fashion, like home fashions, often focus on retro looks. The jewelry from the 1970s or the 1980s can be worn as fashion statement pieces. You may decide that a pair of disc earrings from the '80s or large hoop earrings are just what your newest outfit needs to give you that ultra-trendy look. Be sure to color coordinate your jewelry with your outfit, so your jewelry selection makes sense.

DIY Updates for Your Costume Jewelry

It can be disheartening to find your favorite jewelry is no longer hip to wear. However, with DIY jewelry paint, you can update your fashion jewelry with metallic paint colors, so you can continue to wear it.

Make a Statement With the Right Fashion Jewelry

You can collect costume jewelry to mix it up with your favorite outfits. You're such to make a fashion statement when you choose the perfect piece of costume jewelry.

About Fashion Jewelry: Becoming a Trend Setter